Thursday, April 14, 2011

US House GOP finalizes cave-in cop out on the budget.

Who can we believe in?

We come to find out today that the cuts that the Boehnerites are so proud of are, well, barely a scratch on the monstrous debt confronting us.

Remember, we were promised "$100 billion in cuts" if they were elected. That's what they promised us.

And what did we get?

CBO cuts budget cuts down to real size

According to the CBO, the deal to cut this year's budget by $38 billion looks more like $352 million when you do the real math.

The Congressional Budget Office seal
The Congressional Budget Office seal in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Kai Ryssdal: Republicans won the House last fall by promising to cut $100 billion from the budget. Problem was, the fiscal year had already started by the time they were sworn in, so they prorated it to $61 billion. Negotiations got it to almost $39 billion last Friday in the no-government-shutdown agreement. But even as that deal officially passed the House today, we learned the actual amount the government won't be spending is substantially smaller.

Our Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale takes it from there.

Not only did we not get the $100 billion they promised to get elected; we didn't get their fuzzy-math "pro-rated" $61 Billion... or even the $39 Billion they ultimately sold us all out for.

In fact, according to the CBO, we got a whole $352 million "when you do the real math." Real math. Why don't we always use "real math?"

Big whoop.

So now, the establishment GOP'ers like our own Jaime Herrera, have lied to us to get elected.

It says "59 Republicans voted 'no.'" A genuine Republican, Allen West, voted against this fiasco; as well as Tim Scott from SC.

Our own cardboard cut out of a congresscritter naturally voted with the rest of the establishment types for this farcical sham.

And so it goes... another day of betrayal.

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