Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another lie from Ridgefield Barbie... this time on ABC News!

So, I was sent a link to a video on ABC News. In the video, it shows, once again, that we are cursed with a pathological liar representing us (Or should I more properly say, representing the 5th District along with her keeper, Cathy McMorris Rogers?) who has now indicated her desire to lie to anyone, at any time, about anything.

In this case, it's in this video a little over 1/4th of the way in:

In this scene, Barbie is answering the question: "Why did we decide to drive?"

And she stands there with a reasonable straight face (Or, at least as straight as she can make her face) and tells us:

"It's more economical."


This from a woman who managed to stuff almost $500 worth of taxpayer refunded dollars in food down her throat on a 3 day boondoggle trip to Spokane and Seattle from DC?

This from the woman who ditched us during session to fly out to a McMorris-Rogers/Gorton dog and pony show in DC to model for the big check writers who financed her campaign?

This from a woman who voted with the democrats to strip out the last $229 million from the state's emergency fund?
Every cent she spends on this trip is reimbursable. She has a track record of failing to give a damn about our money. And now she's going to use this bogus trip (The same one I made to help Linda Smith set up her office in 1994.) to shill herself as some sort of fiscal conservative?
Not likely.
Given her complete lack of qualifications and real life experience, the best we could have hoped for was a non-cynical effort to tell the truth.
We are going to be sadly disappointed.
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