Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie continues to lie about her bio... even in Congress.

When you exhibit the ability to engage in pathological lying, it can be a difficult pattern to break. The result, for many like Barbie, is that they continue to lie, even when they don't have to.

Knowing ahead of time what I would see, I thought I'd check out Bab's congressional bio. And I was not surprised to read what was there.

The following excerpts are demonstrably untrue:
A native of Southwest Washington, Jaime brings legislative experience, an independent voice and a desire to serve her home community to Washington, DC.
Herrera is a wholly owned creation of Cathy McMorris Rogers. Without CMR slamming a few parts together and parachuting Bab's back in here after a 10 year absence, we would never have heard of our congressional cardboard cut out. CMR owns Herrera as if the 13th Amendment was, in reality, the 13th Suggestion.

Washington, DC, IS her "home community."

Herrera even went so far as to lie about not wanting to go back to DC:
In a public tenure marked by her pathological lying, Ridgefield Barbie's appearance on Hannity has set a new standard for this; her newest, greatest lie:
No, actually I didn't (Want to be in Congress). My husband and I, we actually made a cross country trek. We drove out here. On the way, we were reminiscing, when we made the decision to run, it wasn't because we wanted to live here in Washington, D.C.
Clearly, there is NO lie this empty-suit sock puppet for Cathy McMorris won't tell. Hopefully, Hannity finds out he got played and never invites this empty suited, cardboard cut out back on the show again.
When Herrera, of course, came back to take over the 18th District job she lied to the county commissioners who appointed her, a con job planned from the very beginning entirely to position her for a congressional run:
As one of her constituents in the state house for the past 3 years, I looked for that. I eagerly awaited the spark... the proof that she wasn't lying when she told the already-in-the-bag commissioners that
“Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this. There is not a job in the world I would rather have.”

Clearly, her election to Congress 60 seconds later put the lie to that.

Referring to her staff time pouring coffee for McMorris, Barbie continues to insist on calling herself a "Senior Legislative Aide," while I insist on calling her on that lie:
From 2005-07 Jaime worked in Washington D.C. as a Senior Legislative Aide for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Spokane).
Records at the link show she was never more then a "Legislative Aide" as opposed to a "Senior Legislative Aide" and, as a result, she was never paid more then a receptionist at most companies: around $3400 a month, excluding any bonus.

Wow. That's SOME senior level position.

And these whoppers:
In the legislature Jaime worked hard and earned a reputation as an intelligent and independent voice in Olympia.
While she had a variety or "reputations," "intelligent and independent" weren't among them.

She had a reputation as a sell out. Co-sponsoring an SEIU bill that would have forced unionization of daycare workers while forcing their daycare owners to pay their union dues, for example, is certainly not "intelligent." It IS "independent," if independent means you've become a shill for the SEIU, abandoning both Republican and conservative principles.
She was elected by her colleagues as Assistant Floor Leader, the youngest member of her party's leadership in the State House.
Barbie got the job because no one else wanted it and DeBolt (House GOP Leader) needed a face. Any election was pro-forma... because no one else wanted the hassle. It wasn't any recognition of anything she'd done as much as it recognized what she was marketing herself as: a female of half hispanic decent... an issue she tried to bury by suddenly taking on her husband's last name... EXACTLY like CMR did, in PRECISELY the same way. Some independence.
Her first bill, a bipartisan proposal to give tax relief to business owners serving in the military, was signed into law on March 27, 2008.
Her "first bill" was the "baby bill" that everyone there gets when they show up to teach them the system. It's an agreed bill, assigned to new members, to teach them how to deal with testifying in hearings, figure out fiscal notes, arrange for supporting testimony and get some solid experience in how the place runs.

Everyone gets such a bill, and Barbie never had any other bill that she sponsored pass.

Wow. That's a tenure to be proud of.

And this garbage:
Jaime states her purpose very clearly: "I will be a member of Congress more concerned with saving your money than spending your money."
This from the same woman who burned almost $500 for meals over 3 days on a boondoggle trip to Spokane?

This from a woman who helped the democrats vaporize the last $229 million in the state emergency fund?

Herrera, who has no private sector experience, lied precisely this way during her campaign. The most troubling aspect of all of this is that she lies, even when she doesn't have to lie.

And there's a term for that.

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