Monday, July 5, 2010

So, members of the local party (Those in the Herrera Herd) are a little bit upset with me.

For the last few days, there's been a little kerfuffle going on in local party circles because someone in party leadership followed orders and distributed a remark of mine from both this blog and Clark County Politics that says the following:

"The despicable political cartoon that is Jaime Herrera will not mysteriously cease being the waste of skin she is. Concepts of honor and truth will remain as foreign to her if she wins as they are now.

For purposes of context, the body of the post in question is provided here:

Recently, I was asked: If Herrera wins the primary, are you going to let up on her?"

Not only no, but hell no.

Folks, I believe there is a place for partisan politics. But as individuals, we must find the line between blind obedience to a party line and the suspension of common sense.

Party allegiance isn't a death warrant. At the end of the day, if Ridgefield Barbie and her keepers manage to fool enough people into voting her in, either through to the general or, God forbid, into Congress, what exactly does that change?

Will she somehow magically become honorable? Will someone install a knowledge chip that will give her a clue about any of the major issues confronting us? Will she suddenly stop lying to us, exaggerating her background, her knowledge and suitability to actually be IN Congress? Will she suddenly cease her betrayal of Republican principles like she did while in the legislature, becoming a Guardian of the SEIU and while spending our money like a drunken sailor to help her leftist buddies? Can we be sure that she'll betray us again, representing Cathy McMorris Rogers, who built her from the ground up, instead of us?

Will the mentality that allowed her to leave the floor of the House for hours at a time to fund raise; which allowed her to ditch us during session for yet another McMorris trough session in DC suddenly return to the level where her FIRST duty becomes us... instead of her?


The despicable political cartoon that is Jaime Herrera will not mysteriously cease being the waste of skin she is. Concepts of honor and truth will remain as foreign to her if she wins as they are now.

There are no circumstances where I will not do all I legally can to keep her from winning any election.

Period. Ever.

For those wondering, I hope I've made my position clear.

Cross posted at Clark County Politics.
The person who sent this out is a died-in-the-wool Herrera kool aid drinker, who at least partially blames this type of writing on their decision to help sell us out to this empty suit.

This person then goes on to write:
I was leaning toward David at one time, but this type of thing really soured me. I think David could put a stop to this today if he wanted to. If this isn't reason enough to support Jaime, I don't know what is. It is disgusting.
What that person failed to say is that they are now, and had been literally for months before this was written, a full-blown Herrera supporter; as they were when they sent out this sniveling email behind my back. Excusing their version of political treason as a reason to support a candidate based on what someone ELSE writes without that candidate's knowledge, approval or input goes a long way to explain why that email was sent in the first place and behind my back in the second place.

And if that's not a reason to dump the local GOP organization, I don't know what is.

Cross posted on Clark County Politics.


  1. I don't know if I'd agree that it is reason enough to dump the Clark GOP, although I can understand why that is said, since somehow Herrera's opponents are supposed to be held accountable for what their supporters say, while Herrera is not to be held accountable for what her supporters say.

    I would say the Clark GOP is in need of a big shake up, though.

    I would also remind whoever this person is that thinks stirring this stuff up in this fashion helps either the GOP or Herrera, that so far, between the candidates, Herrera is who has publicly attacked David Castillo's character over his revealing her voting record, the very thing she tells us to look at and that she is proud of.

    the Olympian, June 17, 2010

    That was not a supporter or a blogger, but Jaime Herrera herself.

    Who in the GOP hierarchy is going to hold Jaime Herrera accountable over her words?

    Who in the Clark County GOP will hold Jaime Herrera accountable over those blogging in support of her?

  2. If there wasn't an entrenched double standard, I wouldn't need to spend a moment on this blog.

    But see, it's "different" when Herrera or her supporters do this.

    It's ALWAYS... "different."

    Except we all know it isn't different. It's a knee jerk reaction to any negativity towards the establishment choice. Dissent vill not be TOLERATED, you see.

    It's not that much different then watching the taliban. When we actually FIGHT A WAR instead of a massive community organization, and we start to win... they claim we don't fight fair or something.

    But with them... it's always "different." And deep down inside, they KNOW she is the inferior candidate, so they look for excuses to support that decision.

    The result? We get this sort of thing from those who know better, but literally seem incapable of helping themselves.

  3. I have never seen anything like this before. I have witnessed the snubbing by those of the GOP. The reason? For not supporting the favored candidate. Is that Christ-like? The GOP is run out of the church. Religion and politics do NOT mix. It is no wonder the Democrats think we are all a bunch of church going fruitcakes.

    Oh and for the record, I am NOT the Party. As a matter of fact I am ready to distance myself as far away from the GOP as I can get. I am done.

  4. Coalescing around the establishment candidate when that candidate is a Herrera is the bane of my political existence.

    You would have thought that the local GOP would have learned SOMETHING over the last 5 congressional elections or so... but clearly, that is not the case.

  5. The GOP does NOT want free thinkers. They want help with their agenda. Well, I want a Conservative, they don't. Here is where we part ways.

    Oh and for the record, not all Conservatives are Christian, white, and look the way the "church folks" would think they do.

    The GOP did not give birth to the Tea-party movement. The voters did. That is where the true Conservatives are. We are concerned about our children's lives and our grandchildren's lives. My vote stays with the man that makes it clear to me, he is concerned for the very same reasons I am.

  6. "The Clark County Republican Party has not endorsed any candidate running for office in this contested Primary because we believe all candidates running in a contested primary should have a level playing field."

    I received that in the form of email. I am not sure why I got it. Shouldn't this be addressed to the members of the GOP? What is spoken from the GOP and what is witnessed from it's members are two different things.

    "The Clark County Republican Party has not endorsed any candidate",.......riiiiight...... and my daddy is not 100% Mexican either. ;)

    On another note, I know my husband is quite the ladies man, BUT does anyone know why Jaime Herrera would call him... three times in a row in one night? Oh and WHO gave her our personal home phone number? We didn't. I demand an answer to that question. THIS IS THE REASON, I MUST DISTANCE MYSELF FROM SUCH HYPOCRICY

  7. Apparently Ms Herrera needed to contact my husband to find out why he was not supporting her. Uhm, because he has that right as an American? Just a guess though.

    Okay corrected by my husband, the number called was his personal cell phone. That is the only number that is on file with the GOP. I didn't know that giving this information out to the Party headquarters makes it privy to any candidate running. Who would have given out such information, and not asked for his permission first?

    Level playing field? Let the reader decide.


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