Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here's an idea: what about a one-on-one debate? Castillo versus Herrera?

I would actually pay money to see that: a kind of political UFC match.

Castillo and his background of service to this country in the military and in sub-cabinet positions; his history here locally in government and in the private sector...

Against Ridgefield Barbie and her background of short internships, exaggerated job titles, parties and a complete lack of service in or understanding of the military... not unlike the president, come to think of it.

Wouldn't that be something? The self-made candidate who took on Baird LONG before anyone else even thought of it versus the opportunistic assemblage who accomplished absolutely nothing in the legislature except to co-sponsor an SEIU bill that would have forced day care centers to pay the union dues of their employees while helping the democrats to blow the last $229 million from our state emergency fund as she sold us out to the democrats and voting against her caucus... precisely like she would if we had the misfortune to have her as our congress critter.

It goes without saying that she's far too much of a coward to actually do something like that. After all, she'd come out of that looking like a complete idiot.

But a guy can dream, can't he?

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  1. There would be no actual debate, just Castillo standing up, stating facts and giving specifics while Jaime stuttered and stammered trying to pretend she understood the issues.

    She is excellent at speaking and saying nothing related to the question asked.

    Sound familiar?


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