Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How the GOP protects establishment candidates.

I was checking out Crosscut today, and read one of those pro-cheerleader articles divining the tea leaves for the upcoming election.

The writer was Chris Vance, the GOP chair who was running the show for most of our precipitous decline in the legislature.

Some of what he said made sense, of course.... it's hard to be wrong about everything.

But what struck me was his take on Herrera?Castillo in the 3rd CD; you can read about it here; what he had to say was no different then most Herrera kool aid drinkers, and as a certified member of the Bellevue Mafia, I suppose his remarks were to be expected.

What Vance left out of his column (and it's hard to believe the oversight wasn't deliberate) was that the poll was ordered, orchestrated and paid for by Herrera.

He also failed to mention the crosstabs, because the crosstabs haven't been, and won't be, released.

Furthering that old saw that a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich, the Herrera Herd and the rest of the establishment have been babbling like blithering idiots over this worthless poll with a sample of, ahem, 300; that was designed to do what it has done; garner hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of earned media for Ridgefield Barbie.

Vance's pro-Herrera propaganda without questioning the veracity and source of such a poll, without even MENTIONING that the poll was bought and paid for by Herrera.... well, was that a question of competence, or a deliberate act?

Either way, the poll is worthless without the release of the supporting information. And you would think that Vance, in his eagerness to stuff Herrera down our throats here in a district within which he does not reside, would have known that.

The cynic in me is fairly certain he does.

But hey. What do I know?

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