Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I hate to take exception to Linda Smith... but here, I draw the line.

So, imagine my surprise when I found this in my in-box:
From Congresswoman Linda Smith: An important message

Dear Friend,

In America, every generation has left behind a better place for its children.

But now our national debt threatens the prosperity we've worked so long and so hard to achieve. Southwest Washington citizens are struggling to find jobs. Economic uncertainty is taking its toll on families. Yet, the government continues to make promises it simply won’t be able to keep and rather than spending less money, politicians in Washington, D.C. talk about adding even more job-killing taxes to deal with this debt.

We need a new generation of leaders. We need Jaime Herrera.

Not since we won our historic write-in campaign for Congress in 1994 have we had such an important opportunity in Southwest Washington. With 3rd District Democrat Congressman Brian Baird retiring, Republicans have a chance to reclaim this Congressional district and we’ll have one more vote to repeal and replace the $1 trillion healthcare disaster.

That’s why I hope you’ll join me today in supporting Jaime’s campaign for Congress with a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more.

I wouldn’t be supporting Jaime unless I truly believed in her. She’s intelligent, conservative and hard working – and most importantly – she’s right on the issues. As your Congresswoman, Jaime will fight against big government power grabs like its recent healthcare takeover, and government bailouts for Wall Street.

Your financial support is critical to building a strong grassroots operation across the 3rd District that will carry her to victory this November.

Thank you for your support of Jaime Herrera. Let’s work together and win!


Linda Smith
Former Congresswoman, 3rd District

Unlike Herrera, or Eric Earling, (Is he looking for a job, or what?) or Nan Malin, I worked my ass off for Linda Smith in 1994. Herrera was no where to be seen. But my understanding is there is something of a family relationship, so until now, I've stayed essentially quiet about how disappointed I am that Linda Smith would work to stiff us with this empty suited Guardian of the SEIU.

The LAST thing we need is "Jaime Herrera," or anything LIKE Jaime Herrera.

I was always struck by and respected Smith as an outsider to the establishment. Unfortunately for us, The Linda Smith of old seems long gone, replaced by this version, who endorses without consideration of the alternatives.

The last thing we need is someone who'll sell out her caucus to be "a friend to organized labor."

As Smith fades into the political twilight, I focus on her fine works for girls and women overseas. And then, I pause and wonder: whatever happened to the tough, independent outsider we all used to know and love... the one I worked so hard for back in '94?



  1. I've always had a great deal of respect for Linda Smith. But, I fail to see how she can make the claims she does about Herrera while ignoring her co-sponsoring and voting twice on an SEIU favorable bill that would have forced childcare centers into the public unions against their will, ignore how she sided with Democrats in raiding the last $229,000,000 from the rainy day fund, voted to give state government more control over the insurance industry, not to mention her quip about not being your "typical Republican conservative" because she and her husband rent and drive used cars.

    Add to that her history of being non-responsive to constituents, failure to keep her promise made to me in the February 9 phone conversation she initiated with me and the allegations of others voting for her, which I have yet to hear any fellow house Republican stand up for her, even the one who supports her.

    Herrera also recently stated she and her husband are "saving up to buy a house." Obviously, she plans that house purchase far away from Washington State, where she once stated there is no job she'd rather have and now, can't wait to abandon it.

    The GOP lost favor in 2006 elections because they abandoned their conservative base and moved left, imitating liberals.

    Now, it seems they are hellbent to continue their leftward slide by weak promoting candidates with a sketchy record based upon gender.

    I hope Linda opens her eyes to what she is endorsing and the truth about Herrera before we see Democrats retaining the 3rd Congressional District seat.

    If not and Jaime gains the nomination, you can bet your bottom dollar than when Denny Heck's wins by a landslide, you and I will bear the brunt of the GOP's outrage. They won't look and see they lost another election because they once again pushed a weak RINO in the race.

  2. Oh yes, I also need to add, to those Herrera followers who claim her pro-SEIU vote was merely a "mistake" on her part.

    Herrera doesn't see it as a mistake. Her campaign sent out the memo trying to excuse it by making highly questionable claims not borne out by the public record.

    It cannot be considered a mistake until she says it was a mistake, which leaves her looking even more foolish.


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