Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Herrera and cowardice; Failed to answer Project Vote Smart's Political Courage Test.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this entry in Project Vote Smart for Ridgefield Barbie:

Representative Jaime Herrera (WA)

Current Office: State House
Current District: 18 Position 1
Party: Republican

Representative Jaime Herrera repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff.

What is the Political Courage Test?


Given that she's incapable of original thought, this isn't terribly surprising. But we do expect more from those who would represent us in Congress.

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  1. I'm hearing more and more comments from people of how they can no longer support Jaime. Many are seeing right through her facade.

    She may be able to sell herself at fund raisers to people with money, but blue collar voters are seeing she just isn't who we need.


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