Sunday, June 6, 2010

Herrera: master of the obvious.

One of the many problems Ridgefield Barbie has is what we euphemistically call "cluelessness."

Watching twitter the other day, this pap popped up:

RT @JaimeLHerrera: Temp. govt jobs arent[sic] “recovery” – 15mm folks still jobless. New plan, new people needed in DC #WA03 #WACOT

So, this sorry effort included a link: I clicked on the link, eager to see how our empty suit would address this obvious observation; as in, she TALKS about a "new plan," then lies about being "new people" (How many years were you there?) so, I naturally thought she might HAVE a "new plan."

Of course not. Her handlers haven't given her one, and she's got the common sense of a board fence, so SHE won't EVER be able to come up with one on her own.

But I've got to ask: Why would anyone babble about the need for a "new plan" without providing said plan?

Any idiot knows we need new ideas and plans in DC; after all, Herrera even figured that out, and if SHE could get it, a high functioning rock ape could figure it out.

The question is one of background and experience. Herrera's lack of education, her complete lack of private sector experience, her precisely ZERO executive experience and, of course, her complete failure to serve her country in the military.... these things force me to wonder:

Do these gaping holes in her education and experience make it more likely, or less likely that any such plan wouldn't ever come from her?

Of course not.

So here ya go, Babs: You really shouldn't talk about a "new" plan unless you've got one handy.

And you, of course, do not.


  1. Maybe next she'll pop up and tell us Obama is incompetent.

    Oh wait, Castillo already did that.

    Never mind!

  2. Let's see. Castillo's only private sector job ended in bankruptcy and the rest of the time he's been drinking at the public trough getting paid by lobbyists and claims he's some kind of financial consultant. He might as well have been a used car salesman or a real estate agent. He probably has a dime store secret agent badge too.
    Jaime will be a great rep for us. She can be the next Michelle Bachmann for our district.

  3. Sorry, PJ... but you've mixed up Castillo with Herrera.

    Herrera has precisely zero private sector experience.

    You get that?


    She has zero experience in Defense.

    You get that?


    She has zero experience in Security. She never served in the military. She dumped her constituents to suck at the special interest trough in DC DURING SESSION. She had her seatmate cover for her by voting for her while she was off the floor for hours fundraising.

    Ridgefield Baqrbie has co-sponsored and voted for SEIU legislation while helping the democrats to strip the last $229 million out of our state reserve fund.

    Michelle Bachmann? More like Barney Frank.

    Facts, Papa. Facts. And the fact is that Castillo has more education, has served his country in uniform, has experience at the cabinet level in Homeland Security and Veteran's Affairs, and has, unlike Herrera, lived here in the district while Barbie has been gone for 11 of the past 13 years.

    She is a terrible candidate, and without being the prop of McMorris Rogers, you'd have never heard of her.... as it should be.

  4. Perhaps PJ will be kind enough to return and explain the meaning behind, "My husband and I rent, we both drive used cars. We aren't you typical Republican conservative."

    How about it, PJ, can you explain what Jaime's real view of a "typical Republican conservative" is if it isn't blue collar workers who are struggling today, many of whom also rent and most of whom drive used cars?

    With that one comment she made, she shows a total and complete disconnect with the grassroots base that is fed-up with politics as usual and opportunist who only wish to rush back to the D.C. party circuit.


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