Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FAAAAASINATING outcomes last night shake Herrera campaign: her fellow establishment candidates clobbered in the primary.

Things didn't look good for Herrera last night given the outcomes for her fellow establishment candidates across the country. And there is no doubt that she's the establishment candidate, given that she owes her entire political being to McMorris with a heaping helping of Lobbyist Slade on top.

The Tea Party impact was felt everywhere (Dino... are you listening?) where Tea Party and Palin-endorsed candidates score impressive victories across the country.

Herrera's lack of experience, education... or even the fact that she hasn't lived in the district for 11 of the last 13 years... the fact that her entire candidacy is an extension of McMorris Rogers' power play puppetry... that nonsensical "Young Gun" crap makes her the establishment candidate to beat.

Did the Tea Party win everywhere? No... but they won much more than they lost, and their influence is best seen in the Nevada race where an unknown Sharron Angle, buried in the polls just a few short weeks ago, came out of nowhere to take the GOP Senate primary against the establishment candidate(s) running against her.

Do we have any local campaign that compares? Well, we have the WA03, Where we have Ridgefield Barbie who fancies herself the front runner, but who has absolutely nothing to show that except a lot of money her keepers arranged for her... and that she helped herself to by skipping out of her job to fund raise, of course.

And we also have David Castillo, everything Herrera could ever hope to be.

So, who wins? The establishment manikin? Or a candidate of substance and stature?

Based on last night's results, that's looking pretty clear about now, isn't it?

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