Friday, June 11, 2010

Chris Boyd withdraws from WA03; endorses David Castillo.

Given Herrera's efforts through surrogates to keep Chris Boyd in the race to draw votes from Castillo, it comes as something of a blow to their camp that Chris ignored their efforts and withdrew today while on the Victoria Taft show (KPAM 860) as he endorsed David Castillo for Congress.

Boyd, a disabled combat veteran made a very tough call while ignoring the efforts of some in the Herrera camp to keep him in... efforts that included an offer to pay his filing fee.

Lew Waters has an excellent write up on this young man,
who rose to the occasion once again in service to his country.

We will remember this selfless act.

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  1. I spoke with Chris last evening and this morning over his decision and it did not come easy.

    I was very pleased that he chose to announce it live on Victoria's, with Jaime standing nearby to hear for the first time.

    There was much effort put into trying to keep him in the race from Herrera supporters, but in the end, Chris realized who has the better chance to win and who could defeat Denny Heck and endorsed him.

    David Hedrick, on the other hand, filed this morning and remains in the race for now.

  2. Salazar spent almost all of the money raised and it looks like Murray is saving hers for the general election.What happens to any funds left over when a candidate withdraws? does he pass it on to others?

  3. Sarah, as I understand it, any money received designated for the general election has to be refunded to the donors, and money designated for the primary is used to pay campaign debt and then what's left over is refunded on a pro-rated basis.


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