Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guess who isn't coming to dinner?

Herrera, being the establishment candidate and a complete creation of Cathy McMorris Rogers, must have been feeling just the tiniest bit left out when she discovered that the adults had been invited to dine with Gov. Mitt Romney a few hours ago.

Yeah, that must have really sucked... much like the rest of the convention when she discovered the carefully laid plan to keep Chris Boyd in the race by paying his filing fee (through surrogates, of course) turned into a steaming mushroom cloud when Boyd announced on Victoria Taft's radio show that he had decided to do the right thing: pull the plug and endorse David Castillo.

I understand that when Ridgefield Barbie got up to read the speech her keepers had prepared for her, some of the delegates of the 3rd CD acted like blithering idiots when the establishment candidate got up to ramble as she so frequently does.

Of course. That's the kind of thing you would expect from the GOP establishment for their pet manikin. Still, this particular convention was a disaster for the empty suit; between Boyd's decision to support Castillo and the symbolic aspect of not even getting coffee with Romney... well, in real terms, the convention found Barbie in some disarray.

Oh, well. Many more political disasters to come.


  1. I'm looking forward to your take on the convention... don't hold back.

  2. Moi? Hold back?

    I haven't had much to say about this because I didn't attend the convention.

    I ran the convention in 2000 in Spokane while I was working as the party ED. It was just enough of a hassle that I vowed I'd never go back.

  3. I don't blame you... the business part was a bit chaotic. The speeches and the reactions to them was what really interested me...I was in the alternate room, not on the convention floor, watching on the big screen. There were a lot of new party participants and we responded most boisterously to Hedrick, Didier and a guy from up north I can't remember... less so to Castillo, Rossi, Romney... and weakly to Herrera, Akers and many others. I had an interesting perspective from where I was posted as aSgt. at Arms. {unarmed}


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