Sunday, March 4, 2012

If you are who you hang with, and Herrera is hanging with Laird... what's that make her??

Writing as if Jaime Herrera is paying him, John Laird seems to be acting as her paid apologist.

While keeping it focused on the issue of her "puppetry," Laird conveniently overlooks her incompetence and cowardice.

Since her anointment... I mean, election, what has she done?

Well, she's sold us out on the budget by voting to increase the debt ceiling a few times. Her buddy Romney thinks that's bad when Santorum does it... but doesn't seem to have a problem when Herrera does it. Why is that?

She's voted with the democrats on several occasions, selling out both her caucus, and us. Of course, Laird, ever the fringe-leftist, applauds that sort of political treachery... when, for example, has he ever congratulated a democrat for turning on his/her caucus?

That's to be expected, of course. Herrera sold us out several times during her unfortunate tenure in Olympia, co-sponsoring SEIU legislation and voting with the democrats to clean out the last $229 million in our state emergency fund... all in 2010... while passing a grand total of 1 bill during her 3 years of wasting the seat.

Herrera, contrary to Laird's protestations and damage control, is as owned by Cathy McMorris as General Lee's slaves. That she votes like she's in the democrat caucus is carefvully scripted... and approved... by McMorris herself.

Her incompetence is illustrated by the fact that Tim Leavitt has kicked the crap out of her and she, in return, has done nothing as a result. Her fake effort to get us a vote was, like Herrera herself, an abysmal failure; a failure that was MEANT to happen because she WANTS the CRC Project, she WANTS the bridge replaced and she WANTS light rail. Because if she didn't, she put a stop to this game.

Her cowardice is illustrated every day she refuses to hold open town hall meetings... a decision that a courageous, non-controlled person (They are terrified of an unscripted Herrera in public... unless it's in the friendly confines of a small room where there are a great many checkbooks open for her.) wouldn't consider making... and a decision that few members of congress... even the most rabidly liberal... don't make.

So, by all means, Mr. Laird. Keep shilling Jaime Herrera. Because there's little else I can think of that would damage her politically more than your support.

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