Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Columbian continues to protect Jaime Herrera

Apparently, the Columbian has adopted a rescue-congresswoman named Jaime Herrera.

Abused and beaten by Tim leave-it, Jaime Herrera looks and acts like one of those poor doggies in the Humane Society commercials on TV, where for only 1$19 per month, etc, you can end that kind of thing.

Back here in her district (A place she's rarely been over the past 15 years or so, including never living here for the 11 years before she was appointed to the legislature in 2007) where she reuses to hold town hall meetings, unless you've been screened and/or bring your check book, we have the most important fiscal issue in the last several decades... and what is she doing about that?


So, the Columbian babbles about a bill she signed onto that passed out of committee.

Big whoop.

As a reminder, in the 3 years she occupied Olympia, if you will, she passed one bill... her kiddie bill (The same bill that all new members get to teach them the process... an agreed bill) and, except for voting to raise our debt ceiling in DC, she has accomplished precisely nothing during her back-bencher tenure.

The Columbian faithfully reprints her press releases. They're a crock, of course, worthless in the face of the CRC bridge/loot rail scam damage to our local economy looming on our horizon.

Lew Waters takes her to task over that, rightfully, because her efforts to date have done nothing to deal with this growing cancer in Clark County.

What was the Columbian's response?

Something INCREDIBLY lame:

Matt Wastradowski

Lew, keep it on topic. Going off-topic is against our community guidelines:

I get that you're upset about the CRC, but we have plenty of stories, Letters to the Editor, and opinion pieces where you can share your thoughts without going off-topic. In this case, the story is about her small business bill and its progress -- not the CRC.

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How dare they censor someone?

What story have they done on Herrera's failure to achieve anything concerning the CRC?


Technically, half the comments up under this press release are "off topic."

Which one gets the warning? Lew's... calling Herrera out for her inaction on the most pressing issue facing us for decades to come.

Altogether typical.

Never mind the fact that if the CRC scam is built, the $100,000,000 yearly vacuumed out for tolls will slaughter "small business" here locally... making Lew's observations directly on target.

Unless you're the Columbian.

Even though it will result in hundreds of cancelled subscriptions if it comes to pass, the Columbian continues to both rabidly support this program and those, like Herrera, shilling it. God knows why.

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