Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leave-it and Barbie: two politicians made for each other

We all know the deal about Tim "The Liar" Leave-it and Ridgefield Barbie.

The Liar was elected because he, well, lied deliberately and repeatedly about his stance on ripping all of Southwest Washington with his toll scam.

Ridgefield Barbie was elected because she was parachuted in here after an 11 year absence to scam the establishment nod to run for Congress.

She was utterly worthless in the Legislature, and has lived up to that accomplishment in Congress. She's proven herself gutless with her ongoing refusal to face her constituency unless they bring their checkbooks.

The Liar kicked her face in after a worthless letter asking for an equally worthless gerrymandered CTran tax district vote on loot rail.

The Camas Manikin has the ability to kill the entirety of this project... by herself... if her demands aren't meant.

She can end the funding for all of this at the federal level. She has the ability to make sure this entire project is put to a countywide vote, and her worthless letter to The Liar was designed to fool people into believing she actually wants a vote.

She doesn't.

Barbie supports the entirety of the CRC project; much like, come to think of it, Marc Boldt, who was the reason Babs got the appointment in the first place to the legislature.. since he made a deal with two male democrat county commissioners from Cowlitz... one of whom, Axel Swanson, now works for Boldt at an absurd $80,000 or so a year.

She doesn't WANT her constituency to BELIEVE that, so she sent a couple of letters asking for a vote.

The Liar, who mistakenly believes himself to be all that politically, caved her ass in... publicly.

She, had she been possessed of even an idea of what testosterone is for, could have beaten him around the head and shoulder reason with a loot rail bridge piling.

Instead, she did her nails... or something.

So, today, these two, neither possessed of an ounce of integrity or courage, "met." Now its all sweetness and light... and we, the people, are going to get screwed because of it... and her... and him.

Yup... they're made for each other, because they're exactly, precisely alike.

Worthless and a danger to our community for generations to come.

Herrera Beutler, Leavitt meet face to face

After sparring publicly, congresswoman, mayor try to bury hatchet

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler
Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt met last week to bury the hatchet — but signs say there may still be some of the blade sticking up.
The pair met Thursday in Vancouver for a one-on-one talk, Leavitt said.
“I felt it was time and it was appropriate to sit down face to face with our congresswoman and discuss details of the Columbia River Crossing, look for common ground and work to bury the hatchet on previous public interactions and correspondence,” Leavitt, 41, said.
Leavitt and Herrera Beutler, 33, have sparred publicly over the CRC, exchanging letters calling each other’s motivations into question. Herrera Beutler has called for an immediate vote in the entire service district on a C-Tran sales tax increase for light rail and bus rapid transit. Leavitt has urged the board to take its time to ensure members have all the information they need before going to voters.
Demanding a vote from such a small number of people... people who can force tens of thousands of us who weren't allowed to vote to pay their tax shows how worthless she is.

This entire project SHOULD have had a county wide vote $140 million or so. Babs COULD have made that happen, and hasn't.

Figure that out.

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