Monday, January 16, 2012

Could Herrera BE a bigger idiot?


It's simply not possible.

They must have to stick a key into the middle of her back every morning and wind her up to get her moving.

Her reliance on the voices of a PITTANCE of voters as to what the vast majority believe or want shows this woman is so stupid, she is literally dangerous.

Here's a memo, Barbie: the CTran district vote that you're so hot and bothered about will be a tiny, tiny percentage of the electorate, and it will in o way represent anything CLOSE to what your "constitiuents" think about this rip ff, save for the few thousand who will be allowed to vote to assign these taxes/fees/tolls to the rest of us.

Are you really that moronic that you don't KNOW that?

In the article, she babbled:
A new bill would make a difference in securing the $450 million-plus of federal highway funding that the controversial project needs to get off the ground. Yet at the same time, the freshman Republican told The Columbian’s editorial board a vote on light rail would give her a better idea of local support for the $3.5 billion highway, light rail and bridge project.
Fine... IF it's a county-wide vote instead of that gerrymandered, all-the-no-votes-silenced vote that she seems to favor.

But it won't be. And when she mumbles THIS:
While she said she’d like to see an overall up-or-down vote on the entire project, she said that legally and practically, a C-Tran vote on the operations and maintenance of light rail is the best route. Should the measure pass, then she said she knows her constituents support the plans as they stand. If it fails, then Herrera Beutler said the need for a new bridge does not go away, but “it does mean we’re going to have to redraw things.”
She's flat, fricking lying.

"Should the measure pass...." are you fricking KIDDING me?

65,000 commuters will be kept from voting if they live out of the tiny CTran district, cut to force us to pay the tax while simultaneously keeping us from having any say on the issue.

She will have no idea "what her constituents" think about this, because hundreds of thousands of us WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.

This vote, to have ANY goal of showing her "what her constituency thinks," MUST BE COUNTY WIDE< IF NOT REGION WIDE. And if there ARE legal reasons why that can't happen (and, of course, there aren't) then SHE should set about to fix them legislatively... instead of sticking her finger up her nose and saying, "... oh, gee, well, I guess I'll just keep pushing this sham vote..."

My God, that woman is stupid.

She is an embarrassment. I would almost vote for another Obama before I would ever, EVER, vote for her.

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