Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wow! Tim "The Liar" Leave-it throws ANOTHER punch at Ridgefield Barbie. How much longer is she going to put up with his crap?

Tim "The Liar" Leave-it continues to use Ridgefield Barbie as his personal punching bag. You've got to wonder how much longer our member of the United States House of Representatives is going to put up with that.

This has been going on for a long time. As I stated when she first came out on this issue, she had to see it through to the end. That meant fighting back hard and immediately when these clowns started jumping up and slapping her around like it was obvious The Liar Leave-it was going to.

In today's episode, Leave-it is just being Leave-it, and that means that he's being the usual, arrogant, self centered jerk that he is. Typically, he could care less about either the people's needs... or what the people want. Period.

No one could, with a straight face, call me a fan of Jaime Herrera. I believe the she is the worst possible choice for a seat in Congress. To say that she is all hat and no cattle is the complete under statement. In fact, I have several dozen blog posts at my Jaime Herrera Watch blog devoted to that subject.

But given her treatment by the Bobbsey Twins, Steve "The Liar" Stewart and Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, I wouldn't blame her if she cut off every Federal dime to Vancouver OR Clark County until those two slime balls learn to behave themselves.

And like our local carbuncle on the society of Southwest Washington, the democratian, these two morons seem to have confused "politics" with doing the will of the people.

Barbie knows two things: first that she stuck her neck out on the chopping block with her fake letter of faux concern. Second, she knows she's in a position to stop this project. She has a hard enough time facing her constituents unless they've got a check book in their hands. But the fact is that the people will know she's in a position to stop this project, and they're going to be wondering why that doesn't happen, if she's so concerned.

We all know that Tim "the liar" Leave-it will do a Sam Adams imitation and not bother to run for re-election. If he were moronic enough to run, he would be crushed and tossed out in the primary. No one wants to reelect a known liar.

While it appears that Ridgefield Barbie is relatively secure, she hates those kinds of embarrassing questions.

So its up to you Babs. Are you going to keep letting Leave-it and Stuart tap dance on your political skull?

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