Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ridgefield Barbie wins the Seattle Post Intelligencer "Public Openness Prize!"

Rarely do I agree with the PI about much of anything, but this time, the nailed it!

Well done, and well-deserved, Babs!

-- Public openness prize: Newly elected Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., performed like a deer in the headlights at initial public meetings, so staff opted for invitation-only "coffees" with the congresswoman.

Herrera Beutler staff sent a "coffee" invite to the Chronicle, in Centralia-Chehalis, but asked that the newspaper not print its location. Why not? The wrong type of people will show up, explained an aide. The strongly conservative paper, to its credit, told readers where the congresswoman would appear.

It's not easy having a cowardly slimeball for a congresswoman, especially one that works so hard to shaft us by voting with her fellow leftists, the democrats infesting our government.

Once again, congrats to the Camas Manikin, so bumblingly inept that they'd toss her off a cliff before they'd allow her to face her constituency without being told what, and how, to respond to them.

But then, that's the curse of being a coward. Right, Jaime?

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  1. I dont see any posts here on her NDAA vote. Am I missing somthing?

  2. Did anyone else get a call tonight (1-6) about her 1-7 meeting in Battle Ground?

  3. Well, she was a yes on the NDAA... and I believe I'm likely on her "do not call" list.

  4. Too bad. She seems like she did have some good votes (although my bar is lowwwwwww - Murray and Cantwell), but it something happened. On the NDAA alone, I say she's got to go. Actually, I'd like to see them (the yays) hang but I don't have enough rope.


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