Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More idiocy from the democratian: jeers for those smart enough to criticize Ridgefield Barbie.

I've come to believe that the Camas Manikin must have some incriminating video or something, because this flagellating congratulatory crap must be driven by something like that, as the rag congratulates Ridgefield Barbie for selling us out:

Jeers: To critics of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Beutler. The Camas Republican has drawn constant criticism in her first year for allegedly being in lock step with House Speaker John Boehner rather than representing her district. Then, earlier this week, when she and six other Republicans defied Boehner and supported extending a payroll tax cut for two months, she drew a bunch of criticism, some from the same voices. It’s worth noting that she ended up on the right side of the issue. After days of posturing, the House finally went along with extending the payroll tax cut.

Naturally the carbuncle on SW Washington's butt would congratulate Barbie for ramming it in and breaking it off. That's the fringe left version of "compromise," as in, "do it our way."

That the GOP in the House was cowardly enough to cave on this issue does no make our local Empty Suit's political treason "the right side of the issue." As is most often the case, when it matters, she typically votes the way her democrat masters want.

She's had a history of that since her pathetic tenure in Olympia. So, what else is new?

She voted to add another trillion to the debt, she's a coward when it comes to town hall meetings (Well, unless you bring your checkbook) she voted for the absurdity of the Super Committee, voted for that massive failure of Obama's mortgage bailout (She was one of TWO GOP votes to continue THAT crap... where's the rag's "congratulations" about THAT?) she's refused to take a pay cut, instead going through the motions with a bogus, not-going-anywhere-eyewash-bill; she's routinely violated the so-called "72 hour" rule; she's scammed into the "women-as-victim" crap, gone so far as to attempt to make political hay out of 9/11 and on and on and on.

She screwed up, and screwed us in the process. And as a result, the morons in the lazy C congratulate her and chastise us.

So, what else is new?

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