Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jaime Herrera is a liar: Debt limit ‘not an easy vote for me’

Having joined with the rest of the House GOP in violating their self-imposed for the campaign 72 hour publication prior to vote-rule, I guarantee you that Herrera's vote WAS easy for her... and now, as she realizes the horrific mistake she made in betraying those who were ignorant enough to vote for this fake conservative, she's engaging in full-bore damage control as her idiocy came crashing down here ears as a result of her strong effort to cripple our debt rating.

I repeat: this was an easy vote for her, and it cost her zero sleep.

Having watched thousands of votes in Olympia, I can tell you that the voting categories only included "yes," or "no" or "present" or "absent."

There was no "tough yes" or "tough no" category. In short, the voting machine doesn't give a damn what your motive may be in screwing both your constituency and that of the entire country on this issue.

In short, the machine counts a "reluctant yes" the same way it counts any other.

And looking at your paper-thin tenure in elective office, I'm reminded that you had no problem co-sponsoring and voting for SEIU legislation that would have both required mandatory unionization of daycare workers while forcing the business owners they work for to pay their dues for them.

Nor did you have any problem voting to help the democrats vacuum out the last $229 million in this state's emergency funds.

So now, you got caught with your pants down... and you're back peddling as fast as you can. It's as moronic as your cowardice on the loot rail/CRC bridge vote and your running away from a fist-fight from a political wuss like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.over the vote issue, where he knocked you senseless.

And now, to lie, on top of this?

We should have kept Baird. Even thought he, too was a coward, he was a GENUINE coward, and everyone know it.
In fact, Boehner already knew her position, she said, because she made it clear to him back in January, at the first meeting of the new GOP caucus, held in Baltimore. When no one else rose to speak about the need to get spending under control, she said, she stood up and said that was the whole reason she had run for Congress. “I choked up just a little bit,” she said.
Which explains perfectly why you sold us out on this vote enabling you clowns to spend, at a minimum, $2 trillion more THIS YEAR? If you REALLY believe this bill did ANYTHING to "get spending under control," you need to get into rehab. Quickly.

You gutless little worm.

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