Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is somebody in the democratian getting paid off? It's either that or a serious drug problem: Jaime Herrera Beutler carves niche in debt fight.

In perhaps THE most UNBELIEVABLE trough of tripe I have EVER read from the democratian, they cranked out a puff piece for Ridgefield Barbie that would make a statue of a pig blush.

Essentially trying to shill this empty suited waste of political skin as the second coming of Linda Smith, the democratian engages in outright lies and exaggerations to front for this clueless moron who bears some responsibility for throwing her district and this country under the bus.

Clearly, the moron who wrote this article HAD to be writing about someone else.
For the first time since Republican Linda Smith won the seat in 1994, the 3rd is represented by a bedrock conservative.
I literally threw up when I read this. Projectile stuff. And, of course, even if it were true, it would be the first time since Smith left the seat in 98 in her abortive run for the US Senate, but what's another fact to our birdcage liner?

To call the Camas Manikin a "Bedrock conservative" is to call Lou Brancaccio honest, or John Laird moderate.

Those are 3 lies in the same sentence. Clearly, they wanted her to take this moronic vote to support the democrats; and this despicable fantasy article is the payoff. Because she's carrying the rag's water like Gunga Din, they're transcending their usual fringe-left bias and giving her publicity she couldn't buy.

Cathy McMorris owns Herrera like the 13th Amendment was never passed. McMorris, who interfered at every level both during the appointment process for Richard Curtis's replacement when she cut a deal with Marc Boldt to get Herrera the appointment; even though Herrera hadn't even lived in the 18th District for the 11 years before the process took place and really knew nothing except how to lie to the commissioners to GET the appointment, is the entire reason Herrera, to our misfortune, represents us (if you can call it that) in Congress to begin with.

As more and more of those who were taken in by the empty suit as a result of her despicable campaign are coming to know the truth that I've known all along; fewer and fewer have been, well, "enchanted" by her idiocy in Congress.

The emails I get are unbelievably angry in their sense of betrayal and anger towards Barbie. They simply cannot believe that she was capable of selling us out like she has.

She voted for whatever McMorris ordered her to vote for. Unfortunately, she is the junior representative of the 5th District of Washington State, the only congressional district in the country with TWO members of congress representing IT, leaving no one to represent US in the 3rd.
According to Govtrack, a nonpartisan congressional rating service, Herrera Beutler has yet to distinguish herself among the 87 conservative Republicans who stormed the House in January. Based on her bill sponsorship, Govtrack rates her a “centrist Republican follower.” A graph of that record puts her squarely in the center ideologically and at the bottom in terms of leadership, not unusual for a first-term member.
Yeah. A back-bencher, "centrist Republican follower" who somehow transmogrified herself for this article into a faux "bedrock conservative."

"Yet to distinguish herself" will be on her political tombstone when she's bounced out of office.
"I believe I’m hitting the target with a majority of folks,” Herrera Beutler said. “There will always be people who aren’t happy with me, both on the right and on the left. My goal is to hit the sweet spot for the majority. I do believe people in this district want us to get our fiscal house in order.”
*I* believe, and her votes have proven, that she's a delusional lightweight. Just for one example, her vote on the debt ceiling will reverberate around the history of this country for decades as we all suffer as a result.

*I* believe she doesn't have a clue.

Of course she got Ryan Hart to run her District office: that was his pay off for violating GOP rules and endorsing this embarrassment to the democratic process in the primary... and then lying as to why he did it. He's prostituted himself for a fat paycheck and screwed the rest of us in the process.

And her own version of Obama's teleprompter fetish is Bowman, because SHE sounds like a blithering idiot when she talks, so Bowman has to do it for her, although "carefully crafted" really doesn't fir the boilerplate he churns out over her name... and her talking point responses in person shows she a vacuous cheerleader type... who, if she HAD an original thought in her head has been cursed with the fact that it's long since died of loneliness.

Her lack of backbone is on display for everyone to see as a complete lightweight like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt has knocked her political teeth out on her fake attempt to get us to believe she gives a damn about a vote on this horrific waste of billions and decade's long fiscal rape of 65,000 commuters in tolls while she sits by and doe nothing.

Her vote, which is in large part responsible for screwing up our bond rating, will reverberate around her election campaign, unless she does the honorable thing and resigns, so that an adult can actually get the job.

She was utterly clueless when McMorris scammed her the appointment in the 18th; she's been utterly clueless as a member of congress representing the 5th District instead of the 3rd, and it's utterly mystifying why the local rag is shilling her like she's paying them... with garbage like this article which is full of contradictions, exaggerations, misinformation and selective memory.

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