Friday, July 29, 2011

Our own coward of a congresswoman votes to cave by going with Boehner.

I am opposed to the Boehner plan.

Our congresscritter, obviously, is not since she voted for this horse-hockey.

We fork over $900 BILLION in increased debt ceiling... and next year, we get a $7 whole billion reduction in our budget INCREASE.

Meanwhile, the can is kicked down the road again, when we get to do the same thing, with the same verbiage, all over again, solving... and changing... nothing.

We are spending ourselves into Weimar Republic bankruptcy.

We're lied to when we're told that failing to give into this scam would be a "disaster."

I always thought that when the Titanic was cruising along at full speed and slammed into that iceberg that had they faced the oncoming disaster with a little more caution... you know, slowed down, maybe, and turned to port a few degrees, that wouldn't have happened and James Cameron would have had to find some other disaster to make bank off of.

We see the iceberg ahead. And instead of changing course and slowing down, we're speeding up and turning into it. We see Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. And do we take the steps to avoid becoming like that?

Hell, no.

We see the talking heads babbling about out "downgrade" if this thing isn't passed. Well, what are we going to do when it IS passed, and they DOWNGRADE US ANYWAY, because the rating firms know the entire bow of our ship of state is rotten clear through, and likely to sink any minute?

What then?

Well, Ridgefield Barbie's boilerplate press release doesn't talk about that, does it?

Will it be tough to default? Sure. But there will be a great many benefits as well, such as torpedoing the moronic CRC rip off. I'd go through with it just to accomplish THAT.

This is a bad bill. It doesn't cut nearly enough. And one of the problems DC has is that while they expect everyone ELSE to sacrifice... none of them are lined up to join with us in that requirement.

So, here it is: Jaime's cowardly explanation, given to her by CMR, no doubt, as to why she tossed us under the bus... again.

Rep. Herrera Beutler votes for Boehner debt limit plan, releases statement

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler joined a slim majority of House members Friday in voting in favor of House Speaker John Boehner’s debt ceiling proposal. The measure needed 217 votes to pass; it passed 218-210, with 22 Republicans voting no.

Herrera Beutler released this statement after the vote:

“All through the debate over how to address the debt ceiling, I have maintained that our solution must meet three criteria. First, it must protect Social Security. Not only does this plan include no cuts to Social Security benefits, it helps us meet our debt obligations and stops the administration from making a decision to withhold Social Security checks.“

“Second, I said I could not support a plan that included any increase in tax rates on families and small businesses in my district. This plan does not include a single tax increase.”

“Third, the plan must put our country back on a financially responsible path by addressing Washington, D.C.’s overspending problem. This plan not only changes the trajectory of this country’s spending, it makes a down payment on lowering our nation’s debt.

“I do not want August 2 to pass without a solution to our country’s impending debt ceiling issue. This plan represents the second solution in that many weeks that I have helped send to the Senate, after last week’s bipartisan ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ proposal. The plan I voted for today isn’t perfect, but it’s a serious proposal to meet the nation’s debt obligations without issuing D.C. another ‘blank check.’”

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