Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bailing on the GOP AGAIN, RINO Ridgefield Barbie votes with the democrats...AGAIN.

With her history of co-sponsoring and voting for SEIU legislation while working to help the fringe leftists in the legislature empty out the state's emergency account, it's not surprising that she's turned her back on Republican principles.

Voting with her buds is something we've come to look forward to from Babs.

Her first time of note in Congress involved only one other GOP'er when she voted to continue funding Obama's mortgage savior program that, not surprisingly, saved practically nothing.

Now, she votes to keep funding the horrifically expensive and unsuccessful Endangered Species Act, one of the most moronic pieces of legislation ever passed.

Here's a sample of their idiocy:

Four trash fish in Colorado - the squaw fish, two types of Chub and a sucker, which, until a few years ago were poisoned by the USFWS, arenow listed on the ESA? Their recovery is estimated to cost $60 million dollars and impacts costs are over $650,000,000. Meanwhile, in the state of Washington, anglers are paid $3 by the USFWS for every squawfish caught that measures over 11 inches.

That's right, folks. We spent a fortune to kill the squaw fish off in Colorado... then have spent tens of millions to restore them... and we're doing our very best to kill them off up here on the Columbia.

That's what our cardboard cut out of a congresswoman voted for.

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