Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hererra's latest babble confirms it: the "vote" word is missing from her lexicon.

The crap has hit the fan on the CRC financing rip-off package, and our typically day-late, dollar-short congresscritter had to weigh in.

What she said, like usual, doesn't matter. In this instance, she didn't say it anyway; her little slimeball staffer from her campaign said it, since God knows that woman can't speak for herself.

She's written a couple equally meaningless letters babbling about a vote for this waste of billions.

Of course, by failing to wind up the hammer by conditioning her support and threatening to kill the funding for this entire project unless there is a vote and unless the bridgers/looters agree to abide the results, her letters were, and are, worthless eyewash, designed to confuse the electorate into believing that she actually opposes this project... and this rip-off's tolls.

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt smacked her upside the face for daring to step out of line, and like the good little girl/empty-suited coward she is, she's caved.

You can read her garbage here. But it's a waste of time, ascii and her relentless, vacuous babble that means nothing because she lacks the balls to actually LEAD.

If only we had Allen West.

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