Sunday, July 24, 2011

The cowardice of Jaime Herrera: We can't touch Social Security.

Ridgefield Barbie sign off on yet another propaganda piece prepared for her... showing yet again that the one thing we can count on her for is to lie, and the other is to lack the courage and vision that members of Congress MUST have to get us out of this mess.

She tells us:

"I am not a DC veteran?" Seriously? Part of your election campaign shtick was your lies about the job you had getting coffee for Cathy McMorris Rogers... you know, that "Senior Legislative Assistant" lie of yours?

How come you were a DC veteran THEN... but you're not a "DC veteran" NOW? Obviously, whoever wrote this garbage for you doesn't know you.

Your bizarre insistence that Social Security is off the table shows you to be the gutless disappointment I knew you were going to be.

EVERYTHING has to be on the table. EVERYTHING. And that INCLUDES Social Security. Because as much as people depend on it now, they'll depend on it even more when it disappears because gutless empty suits like you put your re-election ahead of doing what's needed.

As for "Congressional Leadership," you wouldn't know it if it bit you in your wide-glide butt. Leadership means doing the tough thing... the hard thing... when it needs to be done. And that's simply not possible for a coward like you.

You had... and failed... your first test when you mixed it up with Tim "The Liar" Leavitt and he slapped you so hard your mom felt it and you went silent on the bogus issue you were trying to convince people you were on... but many of us knew you were just playing politics and you didn't... really... mean it.

We have the government we deserve. But I am ashamed that you're a part of it.

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