Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When will Herrera learn to speak plain English?

Jaime Herrera, who up to now has been playing footsie with the slime ramming this horrifically expensive, unnecessary project down our throats wrote a letter today, a letter you can find here:

The problem with this letter, as has been the problem with most of her communication is that when she actually deigns to speak, it's so nebulous and ambivalent that it's meaningless.

In plain terms, Herrera needs to come out and write this:

Dear CRC Board:

Unless you hold a countywide vote on the entirety of this project, I will do everything I can to kill it.

Love, Jaime.

Unfortunately for us, that takes a level of testicular fortitude that our congressional representative has found herself incapable of providing.

For example, this letter SEEMS to advocate for a "districtwide light rail vote."

There are two problems with this half-hearted effort.

First, is, of course, that there should be a county-wide vote on ALL of this crap; up or down, start to finish... and not just loot rail.

Second, she doesn't seem to define what "districtwide" looks like.

Does it mean the entire 3rd District? Does it mean another slimy gerrymandered district that will cut out 70 or 80 thousand no votes? Does it mean countywide?

Why doesn't she just come out and say?

So, here, we have a problem:

The problem? Defining what "district wide" means.

Does it mean the gerrymandered, despicable district the loot rail scum want? Does it mean the entire 3rd District? Does it mean COUNTY wide?

But even I am amazed that she has FINALLY spoken up on a no-brainer. We ALL pay for this crap pile, and those who pay should not be denied a vote.

It's the kind of unimpressive, head-scratching crap she's written before.

Time to man-up, Babs. This empty suit crap is getting old.

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