Thursday, April 7, 2011

More from the fringe left: "Realty" stops by; what it takes to get your comments posted.

Reading the comments left here is occasionally like reading the democratian: outright lies, policy distortions, pay offs and fringe left distortions. Motivations run the range from the effort to use you as a tool, to spam that covers the entire spectrum of nonsense.

This morning's effort is from a particularly virulent leftist who, like John Laird and so many other fringers at the rag, seemed to have missed the memo.

Reality Bytes has left a new comment on your post "Ridgefield Barbie: The cowardice continues.":
Jaime Herrera BEUTLER does NOT care about ANYTHING, unless she gets orders OTHERWISE from HER CORPORATE OVERLORDS.

Jaime is ALREADY a DISGRACE to the 3rd District.

In the SHORT time that Ridgefield Barbie has been in Congress, she has blamed The Senate, and The President for failure to agree on a Federal Budget,even though there WAS a tentative agreement between the House and Senate until FILTHY AND STUPID freshmen Republican members of congress like her BACKED OUT of the agreement.

And SHE has SOME NERVE sponsoring a bill that tries to implement the CONGRESSIONAL budget proposal until a deal is reached.

Someone needs to clue "MS. SUGAR BRITCHES" into the fact that Congress does NOT RUN this country on IT'S OWN, and if SHE can' t get THAT FACT through that THICK AND EMPTY HEAD of hers, then SHE needs to find ANOTHER line of work, Like running the COFFEE MESS back in OLYMPIA!

I NEVER believed that SHE had the EXPERIENCE, SINCERITY or INTELLIGENCE for the job of Congressperson, and in the short time that SHE has been at Congress, she has proven herself to be a RECKLESS and STUPID LEMMING.

It is TRULY PATHETIC that WE as residents of the 3rd District have to be represented by a piece of WORK like Jaime Herrera Beutler.

I post this, not particularly in support, because it just sounds like turbocharged fringe-left talking points, but as an example of what typically doesn't make the cut.

Now, the poster here is a fellow named Chuck Glisson. His email is, apparently (and, perhaps, appropriately enough) His interesting web site is He's a Navy vet, seems to have served as a "Hull Technician" on a variety of fast, small, combat ships... destroyers, frigates and the like. He seems to live in the Bremerton area... quite outside the 3rd CD. Oddly, he does not seem to be registered to vote in Washington State. (No one by that name or "Charles" is registered to vote.)

Now, I'm not sure why he posted this here. His comments seem to be the typical generic, "I hate everything GOP" type; long on heat, short on light.

I will be the first to admit that I loath and despise Herrera. But my concerns over her "representation" are rooted in facts and history, not a generic hatred of the GOP... any more than my opposition to Obama is rooted in anything but facts and history.

I have received many comments from Chuck. I have received many from those on the right like Chuck, those who support Herrera or, frankly, Jon Russell... hopes for my death and the like... the same sort of result I get every time the rag decides to use me as their pinata... a scenario in place sine Tommy the K flipped out and demanded Boldt's resignation over the Gorge Budget some 13 or 14 years ago.

It's why I carry a weapon.

There's a very good chance that I won't have to ever use it, but the deal about a weapon is that you never really need one... unless you really, really, need one.

Tweaking those in power is a tough business. I have been demanding truth from the local rag for over 20 years... and not getting it nearly enough over the past 2 decades. And as time goes on, the paper that is supposed to provide an unvarnished truth all too often censors, twists, attacks, lies and withholds information when they don't like it... or, as in the case of Jim Jacks and Brian Baird before him, want to protect someone and their party. No one, regardless of party, is immune from being held accountable to this community.

Chuck Glissan has a right to do what he does just like I have a right to do what I do. Unlike most who condemn me for this exercise, Chuck and I have pre-paid for our exercise of this right: We put our collective butts on the line by strapping on a uniform and serving in the military. Most who want me silenced (You reading this, Marc? Lou?) Never loved their country enough to make that sacrifice.

Chuck, if you read this, do yourself (and me) a favor: use FACTS in your presentation. Use links to provide some proof of your assertions. Draw conclusions, but lay them out like a math equation.

I need to remind myself of that particular talent.

I post opposing points of view, but only if they have some factual basis. Stereotypical observations ("she has blamed The Senate, and The President for failure to agree on a Federal Budget,even though there WAS a tentative agreement between the House and Senate until FILTHY AND STUPID freshmen Republican members of congress like her BACKED OUT of the agreement.) don't make the cut.

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