Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Faux conservative Ridgefield Barbie sells out on pork for the Port of Vancouver.

Ear marks. That carries almost the same connotation as "child molester" or "I'm a democratian reporter."

As many have been saying all along, when it comes to being a conservative, Jamie Herrera is no where to be found.

The lies in this article are self-evident, so I'll let the reporter do the talking. I just need to point out that while Jaime ran has one thing... she's certainly turned into a carbon copy of the SEIU loving RINO she was in the legislature.

And is this where I say.... I told you so?

Gung-Ho for Big Cuts in Spending, Less Fond of the Ones That Hurt Back Home
Published: April 6, 2011
WASHINGTON — As a candidate, Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler denounced stimulus spending and, once elected, voted for a Republican budget bill that would make $61 billion in cuts to a vast array of programs this year.


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Government overspending is out of control, she said recently in the weekly Republican address, and must be stopped. But perhaps not in her home state, Washington.
There, the Port of Vancouver had been waiting for a $10 million grant, one modeled on a popular program in the stimulus bill. But the money was rescinded in the Republican spending bill, known as H.R. 1, that passed the House in February but was later defeated in the Democratic-controlled Senate.
Port officials appealed to Ms. Herrera Beutler, one of 87 freshman Republicans in the House. She agreed to work on the port’s behalf to make sure it got its money before any cuts to the grant program went into effect. The outcome remains unknown.
“We were very concerned,” said Theresa Wagner, a spokeswoman for the port, which is set to use the money for a rail project. “Our rail project is incredibly important to us and is our link to additional private investment.”
Ms. Herrera Beutler, Ms. Wagner said, has been “incredibly receptive” to their concerns.
Ms. Herrera Beutler’s spokesman said the project in her district was small relative to total government spending.
“We’re talking about $10 million out of a more than $1 trillion bill,” said the spokesman, Casey Bowman. “There are likely other small cuts made in H.R. 1 that she didn’t fully agree with but she voted to cut spending over all because, as economists have said, cutting federal spending will help economic recovery.”
While scores of congressmen and women are singing an ode to spending reductions with their Republican choir in Washington, back home, the tune sometimes changes.

Let me help you with that, Babs.

What you're talking about is an ear mark.

Is that what you were elected to do?

And why are we not surprised?

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