Thursday, October 14, 2010

McMorris Rogers a coward as well? She's refusing to debate in her race...

One of the major differences in this election this time around is that the left is typically running away from their failed agenda while the right is allegedly running towards theirs.

So why is it that incumbent Congresswoman and Herrera puppet-master Cathy McMorris Rogers lacks the guts to take on her challenger in open debate?

According to the SSR, McMorris Rogers pleads "scheduling constraints" as her cowardly excuse... and it IS a cowardly excuse.

But McMorris Rogers, who has been the puppet master of the Herrera debacle since the beginning, when she hatched the plan to parachute this simple-mined idiot in on us with my brother-in-law, alleged Republican Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt as the warm up for Ridgefield Barbie, who couldn't imagine doing any other job, running for Congress.

Unfortunately for CMR, Herrera has been such a horrific candidate, such a mindless automaton, such an empty, vacuous suit, that McMorris Rogers has to spend all of her available time staunching the arterial blood flow from Babs who was slaughtered last night in her debate with Heck, and who seems to be well on the way of achieving the impossible: losing the general election to a democrat in the midst of a Republican tsunami.

That's no excuse, of course. McMorris Rogers has no business interfering over here, particularly to prop up her political Stepford Wife, Herrera.

And make no mistake about it: if Herrera manages to pull this off, then in her case, the 14th Amendment will have ceased to exist, and CMR will own Herrera as much as any plantation owner in South Carolina in 1858.

Is it any wonder that CMR has "scheduling constraints" that amount to cowardice? She has to work 24-7 to keep Barbie from imploding.

And here's a bulletin for you Cathy: your babysitting won't end on November 2.

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  1. soooo... I find it Hypocitical that Heck is citing the same reasons for not electing Herrera that Reps cited for not electing Obama.

  2. How's that?

    Plenty of Republicans feel the same way about Herrera... and will only vote for her because they feel they have no other choice.

    There's much about Obama and Herrera that are in common: their campaigns were and are exactly the same; all packaging and no substance. Neither were qualified for the jobs they held (Senator and state rep) and they only got those jobs as a result of the manipulations of others because they are useful tools for those pulling the strings.

    In this case, we're forced to chose between Heck, who will unfortunately serve to further the socialist aims of Obama, or Herrera, who will do precisely and absolutely everything McMorris Rogers tells her to do, meaning that as a district, we have lost our representation while the 5th District, McMorris Roger's district, will effectively have two members of congress.

    As choices go, that really sucks. And the fact is that Heck is right to point out how paper-thin Herrera's background is, given how shallow, uneducated and unprepared she is to make the decision that will impact this nation for generations.

    Since you asked.


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