Thursday, October 28, 2010

KING 5 News: Heck closing on Ridgefield Barbie.

Unfortunately, those of us in the 3rd CD are forced to chose between Twiddle Dem and Twiddle Dumber.

According to the most recent Survey USA poll results released today, Barbie has dropped 2 to 50 and Heck has gained enough to climb to 46.

KING 5 poll: Herrera vs. Heck contest tightening in 3rd district


Posted on October 27, 2010 at 9:48 AM

In the hotly-contested race for Congress in Washington's 3rd district, Democrat Denny Heck has closed the gap but Republican Jaime Herrera still has a narrow lead--just within the margin of error of our latest KING 5 poll.In the latest SurveyUSA poll, 50% say they would vote for Herrera, 46% for Heck with 4% undecided. The margin of error for the poll of 640 likely voters is +/- 4%.

From our pollster SurveyUSA and editor Jay Leve: "Democrats today are more likely than in 3 previous polls to identify themselves as certain traction among voters age 50 to 64, where he had trailed in August, September and early October, but now leads. Heck polls above 50% among women for the first time. And, Heck's advantage among Moderates has grown to 25 points. But, Herrera is still backed by 91% of those with a favorable impression of the Tea Party, 80% of pro-life voters, 56% of men and 55% of Independents."

With just a few days before election day, many voters have already mailed in their ballots. Watch here our profile of the race. You can also watch the candidates debate at our sister station, KGW in Portland.

It's a real shame that this time around, people are going to vote for as empty a suit as the one worn by the president.

Youda thought we knew better.

This late strength is, no doubt, a result of the growing realization among those paying attention that Barbie isn't fit to be elected dog catcher. Unfortunately, it's come too late and she's likely to win anyway.

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