Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Seattle Times endorses.... Heck.

Anyone reading this blog for 10 seconds knows I will never support Ridgefield Barbie for anything... ever. She has proven to be much more a non-functioning embarrassment then an asset to the GOP, local supporters have no idea how badly they've been manipulated since this card board cut out was parachuted in on us by Cathy McMorris from the other side of the state so McMorris could start building her "stable," working double overtime to fill the perceived GOP leadership vacuum in this state caused by the departure of Jennifer Dunn.... giving the 6th District in far northeastern Washington TWO members in Congress to represent it while giving those of us in the 3rd nothing.

Unfortunately for all of us, the GOP candidate who should have made it to the general did not do so. And now we're left to chose, essentially, between this utterly worthless waste of political skin and Heck.

I'm not all that big of a Heck fan, either. He represents the political version of leprosy known as the democrat party... the political equivalent of child molesters and budget rapists. While I know I will never in what remains of my life, ever, vote for Ridgefield Barbie, I still don't know if I can vote for Heck (Right now, Chris Boyd as a write-in looks to me like my plan)

The Seattle Times did an endorsement today. And they endorsed Heck.

Some would say that such an endorsement is not surprising, given that Heck is a democrat and the Times is in, well, Seattle. (Seattle happens to be where I'm from... and I'm here to tell you, it's a GREAT place... to be from.)

Maybe. But this paragraph in the endorsement where they almost completely and rightfully ignored Babs sums her up as good as any:
His Republican opponent, Jaime Herrera, has been in the Legislature three years and worked as an aide to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Listening to Herrera speak in coached sound bites, it is clear she needs more seasoning before seeking a job at this level.
She also needs integrity, character, education and a clue. Right now, her only allegiance is to McMorris. And unless something happened in redistricting back in 2000 that I'm unaware of, McMorris should have precisely zero say in either what goes on around here or who our congressional representative may be.

Heck? Maybe.



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