Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What do Ridgefield Barbie and Babs Boxer have in common?

They both have this weird idea that whatever screwing around they've done... in Herrera's case, not living in the 3rd Congressional or 18th District for 11 out of the last 13 years... was, as Herrera told me to my face, "just like being in the military."

Well, guess what.

It's ain't.

Going to the UDub (which I also did for a while) and doing multiple internships and pouring McMorris her coffee is NOTHING like "being in the military."

Here's a vid of Babs Boxer telling us the same thing:

Clearly, neither one of them get it.


  1. "just like being in the military."

    Takes a lot to fool this old gal, and that just don't fly with me. Sorry toots.

    Not to mention, whomever the Herrera campaign sent over to the Castillo fundraiser, was looking very stressed. ;) Of course, that's just my, not so humble opinion.

  2. Well, well, well. I was sent an email asking to help the candidate of my choice.


    Funny thing about this is, I scoured the email to find out where I can help my choice, David Castillo. It was not listed, not even an email address. Now granted I can find it. Don't get me wrong here. My question is this. Isn't there a fair playing field? Let the readers and the voters decide. There is no endorsement (officially) from the GOP on the Congressional candidate, but also no fair choice as to who you will help with voluteer work.


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