Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, the Columbian gets it half right: they endorse Castillo...

... and then leave out Heck.

The also endorse Ridgefield Barbie... which is a decision totally without merit, given her utter vacuous positions, lack of knowledge, experience and vision.

For the primary, the top two candidates, by far, are Castillo and Heck. Babs has nothing to offer except to be a mouthpiece for McMorris... and do we need east side representation here on the west side?

The Columbian accurately wrote:
Castillo entered the race early, months before Baird retired, and wasted no time
attacking both the incumbent and the Obama administration. His cut-spending, promote-the-private-sector platform is imbued with bedrock GOP principles, but
he also proffers innovative ideas. For example, as reported in a recent Columbian story, he wants to replace the federal income tax with a flat tax and ultimately a national sales tax. His residence in Olympia will not diminish his eagerness to represent Clark County, he insists.
In writing about about Castillo's positions, the paper left out his experience: a Veteran, a sub cabinet official with the Bush Administration, a former chief of staff to state House Republican Leader (and Castillo endorser) Richard DeBolt who worked with both Castillo and Herrera, a businessman and a financial advisor who holds a Master's Degree.

And in writing about McMorris's positions (ooops, I mean Herrera's positions) They left out her INexperience: not a Veteran, poured coffee as a low-level staffer for McMorris, spent a few weeks as an intern for a couple of people; lied about her few-week job raising money for Bush as if she had anything of substance to do with it, and no mention of her sell out to the democrats with her vote to strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund.

Wow. Leaving that out is kind of bizarre in an endorsement where they write:
We’re concerned with whether Heck would be able to rein in spending, especially on the salaries, pensions and benefits of governmental workers.
So. The Columbian is "concerned" about Heck's ability (or, presumably, desire) to "rein in spending."

Then they ignore Bab's record of wasteful spending, combined with her comment that she couldn't find any reason to criticize Brian Baird, who voted for hundreds of billions in wasteful spending?

How.... bizarre. She has already shown herself capable of wasting hundreds of millions; and can't find fault with the guy she wants to replace, who voted to waste hundreds of BILLIONS, and they believe Herrera CAN or WILL "rein in spending?"

Utterly bizarre.

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