Friday, July 23, 2010

What are the impacts of the Times ignoring Herrera? .

Up until now, the Establishment has been attempting to provide Ridgefield Barbie with an aura of invincibility.

Until now. With the Seattle Times passing her by; suddenly, things are different.

Suddenly, the fact that the Empress has no clothes is on display for all to see. The "inevitability" quotient has dropped to zero.

Marketing the empty suit like an empty cardboard box ain't gonna cut it. Speaking in generalities because you're too ignorant to intelligently address the issues might work when the fix is in like it was when she got the appointment.

But now?

Not so much.

A record of caving into democrats for massive spending in the House and co-sponsoring SEIU legislation and then lying about it is not the record people want when it comes to representation in Congress.

And now, we watch as the wheels come off and the string begins to unravel.

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  1. Ms Herrera will be on the Victoria Taft Show tomorrow. It should prove to be very interesting. Last time she did an on-air, Victoria gave her a good spanking for not standing with the people, but caving to the Union.

    Right now the difference in Ms Herrera's campaign and Castillo's campaign is this; Ms Herrera is watching Castillo's moves, wherever David is, she will be, count on it. Castillo on the other hand is trying to become Congressman. That's right she is following in this dance, there is only one leader.


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