Wednesday, May 5, 2010

... in state taxpayer dollars to keep the Sonics here.

His political gamesmanship, arrogance and indecision about running (or not) has done nothing to fix that.

Given the injury Dino has caused other candidates and GOP chances to take this seat by failing to make his decision to run (or not) public, I think the gloves can freely come off.

Dino is a political target. And like any other political target, he's fair game. For those who view him as the great white hope, think again. And if others running want to nail him over his lapses, mistakes, and moronic policies (like spending taxpayer dollars on private sports franchises) then that, IMHO, is all fair game.

He's waited too long. He's cost too many too much. And this party shield, 11th Amendment crap is just that. Whining by Rossi supporters changes nothing. And I don't write this as a Didier supporter, the guy is to the right of Gengis Kahn, so he can't win anyway. (Really, Clint? You REALLY want the ATF to raid your farm because of your weapons?)

It will all shake out in the end. But what I know for sure is that Dino hasn't done us any favors in an effort to get rid of Murray. So if he wins this (which seems increasingly doubtful) it won't be with any help from me.

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