Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The unbearable arrogance of Jaime Herrera

So, I sat through the usual Herrera dog and pony show tonight as part of the local vetting process.

As usual, there was no lie she would not tell; no clue she would not miss.

Her arrogance extended to her refusal to tell us "which 3 federal agencies she would close," her insistence that she would "vote HER gut," as if HER gut was somehow superior to the judgment of the people she would represent. Why replace Brian Baird with another Brian Baird? After all, didn't HE vote HIS "gut?" And where did that get us?

There's a video of the whole mess that will be up in a day or two, but suffice it to say that the crowd at Harney Elementary wasn't too impressed with someone who was bought by SEIU for only $500... an observation many made to me after I questioned her early sell out to special interests.

I, personally, was singled out as being "one of the few people in the district who doesn't support my candidacy" by Ridgefield Barbie. I would venture to say that, after her abysmal performance here tonight combined with her lies about her sponsorship and support of HB 1329, the mandatory SEIU child care worker representation bill, that the number has grown substantially.

The key to success for David Castillo is to attack this empty suit for her support of SEIU-ACORN. Whenever conservatives are told about her political expediency, they turn away in droves.

More to come on this when the video is posted.

(UPDATE: I've come to find out that all of the WA03 vids will be going up at the same time. I'll post this one here when they come out.)


  1. Brave of you to create a website. Even braver if you put your name on it.

  2. You mean like you left your name?

    Besides hypocrisy, cluelessness seems to be the second most prevalent tenet of the typical Herrera supporter.

    Who I am, save a constituent of Ridgefield Barbie's, is wholly irrelevant. At the end of the day, I will cheerfully post any supported opposing point of view, and I will obviously post anything from the person in question, or any of her minions, while reserving the right to critique any such efforts.

    I'm Joe Sixpack. But this place isn't about making ME the issue. You want to do that? Set up your own blog and have at it.

  3. I am constantly amazed at how not one Herrera worshipper will actually support or defend her questionable actions and judgement in the legislature, but rely instead on personal attacks at any who expose or question her.

    Any wonder the GOP continues to lose elections?


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