Monday, April 19, 2010

Herrera staffer-at-large Liz Mair was quick to nail Benton over his Rossi positions... what about Cornyn?

Yes, it didn't take long for the self-described "snarky bitch" to come out swinging when Benton had the temerity to call it like he saw it.

God forbid that ANYONE question the judgment of the kool aid drinking supporters of Saint Dino or Saint Jamie.

That's HERESY, by God! Burn them at the stake!

Mair, so completely in the tank for Herrera that this self-styled "expert" has become something of a self-styled "embarrassment," spewed a rant of invective that excoriated Benton a week ago for coming out and telling the truth: that Rossi's complete and inexplicable failure to announce makes him no longer viable for the seat.

As it turns out, Benton isn't the only one.

The chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, US Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said much the same thing yesterday, according to The Hill:

Cornyn said Rossi has only a few more weeks to decide whether to challenge
Murray, the Senate’s fourth-highest ranking Democrat, whom polls show could be
vulnerable to a Rossi campaign.

I've been watching carefully this morning, waiting for the column of invective against Sen. Cornyn for essentially saying the same thing. So far, all I get is cricket chirp.

My guess is that such is all we WILL get back... since Mair isn't all that big about hitting people that can hit back... and Sen. Cornyn can DEFINITELY hit back.

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