Friday, February 26, 2010

Why is it that Herrera tells the truth in DC, but lies about her experience with McMorris here?

The POLITICO puff piece done on Ridgefield Barbie made mention of the position she held as a McMorris "policy assistant."

Now then... why is that?

We've been bombarded by her and her keepers that she was some kind of "Senior Legislative Aide." So, why is it that she's suddenly downgraded to "policy assistant" when the inside baseball types of DC read about her back there?

It's because she's a liar. It's because she needs to puff up her paper-thin resume'. It's because she needs to somehow impress people with her complete lack of any experience that makes her a viable candidate or Congress.

And if those in DC saw the words "Senior Legislative Aide" attached to her, they'd know in an instant what I already know:

That never happened.

Herrera was payed the princely sum of roughly $3300 per month for her extraordinary coffee making skills. "Senior" anythings in DC generally make much more then that.

But exaggeration is but one of Ridgefield Barbie's faults. Add it to her support of organized labor and her shilling for SEIU, and you've got...

... a democrat.

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