Friday, February 26, 2010

Yesterday was a terrible day for Ridgefield Barbie: RedStates asks: Jaime Herrera (R CAND, WA-03): Stealth SEIU Supporter ...

Yeah, yesterday was a tough day on the empty suit running in the 3rd Congressional.

She's on a red eye flight as I write this, heading to DC to slurp at that special interest cash trough her keepers have lined up for her; selling her out even before the election, which, when you think about it, isn't usually the way it's done.

But that begs the issue.

Little Miss Muffet's SEIU stance is spraining eye brows in more and more of the blogosphere. The latest example is RedState:

Jaime Herrera (R CAND, WA-03): Stealth SEIU Supporter?

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Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I am growing quickly disinclined to get dragged into primary political battles for the 2010 election. This is partially because I’m getting to a position where I know some of the folks involved in the campaigns (which is why I’m counting the days until the California primaries are over), and partially because it’s going to be a free-for-all for some of these seats (part of the problem with having so many Democratic seats up for grabs). So, it’ll take a bit to get me to note something in particular about a GOP primary candidate.

A 2008 SEIU endorsement will do. I’m not as ready as that poster is to tie WA-03 Republican candidate Jaime Herrera to ACORN, but taking money from the Purple People Beaters is quite bad enough (see here and here for corroboration that State Rep. Herrera did in fact get endorsed by SEIU). Mind you, I’m perfectly ready to believe that she regrets that endorsement now, too - but now would also be a good time for her to indicate said regrets. Put another way: at the moment Herrera is talking about Big Labor, which is great… but as a state legislator she courted Big Labor, which makes at least an explanation germane. And when you have an unexplained disconnect between current rhetoric and past rhetoric, it looks bad if it gets out.

And it will get out. Somebody will always be happy to pass someone else a quiet word.

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Yup.... it's not looking good for the cardboard cut out who has actually lived in the 3rd District (or hell, even the district she is SUPPOSED to be representing!) for a grand total of 2 years.... out of the last 13.

Not good at all.

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