Thursday, February 4, 2010

So.... someone named "Mark" swung by and expressed his displeasure at my efforts here.

This note provides a great opportunity for a teaching point, so here it is:

Mark ( said... 
I don't get why you try telling people to keep it civil - you don't. I'm appalled at how you continue to try to inven... or should I say "dig up" dirt on Jaime Herrera. And for what purpose? I don't know what Jaime ever did to you, but the only thing you ever seem to be revealing to us is how petty and vitriolic of a person you are. Give it a rest. Jaime has the best chance of winning this out of any other Republican in the race, and there are a lot of people out there who don't appreciate you trying to screw it up. No matter how much you dislike Jaime, she is definitely better than any of the Democrats in this race.

Here... let me help you with that.

Your failure to understand what's going on, while not surprising, does not preclude the fact that I believed your response to meet what I consider to be the standard of civility I require... except, of course, for the subtle wafting of testosterone that led to your moronic personal attack against me.

In simple terms, "civility" on this blog is described as no name calling or personal attacks.  But your response and your observation about me personally; which, by the way, does absolutely nothing to dispel any of my concerns; acts as a teaching point in this regard.

Who or what I am; what kind of "person" I am; what brand of coffee I drink or how fast my Camaro is in the 1/4 has absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

What I note in your response is that you provide precisely zilch to dispute anything I've said.  You add nothing to the discussion in terms of where I may be factually incorrect, or that my conclusions are wrong or in any way inaccurate.

You just don't happen to like what I write since for whatever the reason you've drank Herrera's kool aid and you support her.

Herrera should have precisely ZERO chance to win this because she has absolutely nothing in terms of experience that makes her worthy of becoming a member of Congress.  If her experience in McMorris-Roger's office qualifies her, then there are literally THOUSANDS of staffers, both past and present, even more qualified.

If it's the 20 minutes or so she's sat on her can in the 18th District, then there are about 140 legislators more qualified than she is.

Her resume' is paper thin.  She turns that "Republican" nonsense on and off like a switch, as her moronic co-sponsorship and vote for that horrific SEIU and Herrera sponsored child care worker collective bargaining bill clearly proves.

Her recent co-sponsoring and vote for that bill was NOT a "Republican" position.

I, for one, will be damned if I will vote for anyone merely because of their self-applied, convenient label, and if this empty-suited Barbie Doll makes it into the top two, I will, as a former state GOP Executive Director, endorse whoever else is running against her, because there are at least three democrats and one OTHER Republican FAR more qualified.

And as for "a lot of people out there who don't appreciate you trying to screw it up" being out there?

I could give a rat's ass.

ANYONE coming after me because I dare to exercise MY First Amendment right... a right I wore the uniform of the United States Army for 14 years to defend... will get it back in spades.

Here's a Memo, "Mark."  Don't even THINK about attempting to intimidate me.  Such an effort would become the intimidator's worst nightmare.  And the fact that you would even REMOTELY make a remark like that reflects directly on the moron you're so in love with that you'd get this stupid on a public blog.

Since Herrera VOTES like a democrat, we would be better served if the choice were between her and a democrat to vote for the real thing.

And that you would damn her with such faint praise, "No matter how much you dislike Jaime, she is definitely better than any of the Democrats in this race," as if there aren't any other Republicans far more worthy of consideration than THIS cardboard cut out speaks volumes.

Thank you so much for coming by, and please swing by again.  if you or anyone else has FACTUAL evidence that I am wrong, then I will be more than happy to present it here.

And, of course, always remember: You don't like what I have to say?

Then don't read it.  Simple, really.

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