Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The dirty little secret behind Slade endorsing Jaime Herrera.

I've been in this business a long time. I've seen a lot and done even more.

So, I had to ask myself: How is it that Slade Gorton could possibly endorse an empty suit with a paper-thin resume' for any elective office?

Then it hit me. The answer was so simple.

Besides Cathy McMorris-Rogers, who is calling the shots for Jaime Herrera in this race?

Why, it's J. Vanderstoep... of a certain firm somewhere.

And what does that have to do with it?

Why, he was Slade Gorton's chief of staff.

And when one looks at the others in this firm, almost every one of them used to work for, you guessed it, Slade Gorton.

So, getting Slade Gorton to endorse someone he most likely has never heard of?

Piece of cake.

As for Zarelli endorsing her, that's even more of a mystery.

Zarelli is quoted as saying:
"Just as we do in Olympia , Washington D.C. faces huge deficits that must be
corrected before they cripple us for generations,” said Senator Joe Zarelli.
“Jaime Herrera has demonstrated her commitment to fiscal responsibility in the
Legislature. We need more people like her in Congress.”

Well, gee... that certainly explains why Zarelli looked so hard at running for this position himself, right? I mean, after all, if Herrera could do such a bang up job, why would he even consider it?

Were those few weeks she spent as a coffee-gettin' intern in Zarelli's office way back when all THAT impressive?

And how does voting for and co-sponsoring fringe-left SEIU-supported legislation allowing child care workers to get collective bargaining show any of that "demonstrated commitment to fiscal responsibility" he was babbling about?

Endorsements of substance based on facts and history have some worth in the over all scheme of things. These two con jobs are worthless... and they lessen the value of the words of those uttering them.

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  1. I don't get why you try telling people to keep it civil - you don't. I'm appalled at how you continue to try to inven... or should I say "dig up" dirt on Jaime Herrera. And for what purpose? I don't know what Jaime ever did to you, but the only thing you ever seem to be revealing to us is how petty and vitriolic of a person you are.

    Give it a rest. Jaime has the best chance of winning this out of any other Republican in the race, and there are a lot of people out there who don't appreciate you trying to screw it up. No matter how much you dislike Jaime, she is definitely better than any of the Democrats in this race.


Let's keep it civil, people.