Monday, April 16, 2012

So, Jaime has figured out (as if she didn't know... hell, my Cavalier Spaniel knew) that we want a vote on loot rail.

We WANT a vote on ALL of this garbage... NOT just light rail... so did Herrera have to waste $31,000 of our taxpayer dollars for a campaign piece masquerading as a "mail survey" to figure that out?

If Herrera had a clue, she could make all funding for this project conditional on a county-wide vote.

No vote?

No funds.

So far, her half-hearted, amateurish efforts have accomplished absolutely nothing except to prove that her efforts are, well, half-hearted and amateurish.

One question: If Murray were to make this conditional, do you think SHE couldn't get it done?

Of course she could.

And now that Herrera finally "knows" what she already knew...

What is she going to DO about it?

My guess?

Absolutely nothing.

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