Friday, December 2, 2011

Why is the democratian cutting and pasting Jaime's press releases?

Let's get a couple of things straight: First, Jaime is a back-bencher. She has no power, no throw-weight, no muscle. Second, she lacks the guts of a scarecrow; Tim "The Liar" Leave-it folded her up like a cheap suit and stuffed her into a wall locker like a lost 8th grader at Prarie. Third, she's abrogated her position by lacking the guts to face her constituents... unless, of course, you bring a checkbook... then, there's no holds barred when it comes to access... oddly, not surprising.

Her histrionics on the floor of the house doesn't change any of that. All of which begs the issue: why does the democratian blow up Ridgefield Barbie like an inflatable version of a female Winston Churchill?

What's going on here?

She's not fit to carry Allen West's luggage, and this rag can't say enough nice things about her... as if she actually is doing something FOR us instead of TO us.

In short, legislatively, I wouldn't let her run an elevator for me, since she's as worthless in DC as she was in Olympia. And what did she do for us in Olympia? Well, as a brief reminder, she co-sponsored and voted for SEIU legislation that would have forced the unionization of child care workers and forced the day care owners to pay their dues... all while she helped the dems empty out our state's last $229 million in state emergency funds... jobs well done.

Yet the rag pumps her up like she's the Second Coming. And frankly, that is mystifying..

Herrera Beutler fights regulations

Bill aims to ease burden on small businesses

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler presented the Regulatory Flexibility Improvement Act.
U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler presented the Regulatory Flexibility Improvement Act.

More like this

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler took a tall stack of federal paperwork to the House floor Thursday as a prop to illustrate what she described as a burdensome regulatory climate that is hampering small-business growth.
As a member of the Small Business Committee, Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, helped shepherd the Regulatory Flexibility Improvement Act through the committee process and to the House floor. It passed Thursday on a 263-159 vote but must still clear the Senate. President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the measure if it makes it to his desk.
The bill requires federal agencies to consider the economic impact of their regulations on small businesses, and requires them to consider less burdensome alternatives if the impact is significant. It also removes loopholes federal agencies have been using to bypass an earlier version of the law.
“It’s a bill that strengthens existing law,” Herrera Beutler said in her floor speech. “It simply says, if a federal rule is killing jobs, a federal agency is required to find a rule that’s less burdensome. It’s pretty cut and dry, it’s something we should be doing already, but we actually have to pass a bill to require it.”
Herrera Beutler mentioned Somarakis Vacuum Pumps, a company that has a manufacturing center in Kalama and a repair center in Vancouver, as an example of a small business that worries about the impact of federal environmental and energy conservation rules.
“Her point in bringing up an employer like Somarakis was that small-business owners simply can’t keep up with the constant flow of new federal regulations because it would take a team of experts to do so,” said Casey Bowman, Herrera Beutler’s spokesman. “Often, small businesses aren’t aware of a new rule or regulation until they’ve unknowingly violated it.
Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

More if you can stomach it.

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