Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tim "The Liar" Leave-it and Steve "The Liar" Stuart kick Ridgefield Barbie in the nards: "Get behind the bridge rip off, or else."

So, the Camas Manikin has learned a valuable lesson: when you're a coward and you run away from a fight you can not only win, but dominate, those emboldened by your cowardice will keep coming after you, because, well, there's no reason for them to stay away.

I repeatedly warned the Empty Suit that we have the dubious distinction of "representing" us in Congress that if she did not forcefully and immediately smack Leave-it upside the head for his arrogance that was far beyond the pail that she would regret it.

Yesterday, I also pointed out that the people of SW Washington do not want this massive crap pile to be built, and that the genuine scum in government, those such as Leave-it and Stuart could care less what we want when it interferes with their agenda.

That these two lying scum... using the term advisedly since it does a disservice to lying scum everywhere to include them in the group, their perfidy so much worse then that; are living up to that billing by DEMANDING that Barbie join with them and "back the bridge."

Were I her, I would eat a hand grenade first.

But this is what typically happens when tyranny is visited on the masses.

Herrera's failure to kick Leave-it in his miniature testicles when he came after her the last time is bearing bitter fruit.

Her response should be immediate and lasting:

Herrera should publicly announce that in the face of SW Washington's documented opposition to this scam, visible though both the recent DOT poll AND the pro I-1125 vote, that she will now ensure the death of this project. She should then properly credit Tim "The Liar" Leave-it and Steve "The Liar" Stuart with the demise of the project and let them explain why, for so many years, they have chosen to ignore the overwhelming opposition to this scam, while she, Jaime Herrera, has been the only one to listen.

That's what she should do.

But she lacks the guts to do that or anything like it.

Expect her to cave, because all of her past double talk has been babble designed to confuse the voter into believing.... really believing, that she supports THEM and opposes the Liars.

If she did support the voters, she would have already killed this garbage pile.

Don't expect this little worm to cowboy up. Expect her to ignore this insult. But expect these slimeballs to keep coming after her... because she has yet to provide a reason for them to stop.

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