Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are lies, damned lies and Jaime Herrera (Beutler)

We are cursed with a weak-kneed cowardess representing us in congress, one Jaime Herrera.

She has, on occasion, shown herself to be fully capable of lying. She lied about the impacts of her 2010 co-sponsored SEIU bill that would have required day care workers to be unionized and daycare owners to pay their dues; she lied about helping the democrats to empty out the state's emergency fund, and she lied about being off the floor of the legislature so she could campaign and attend fundraisers, like in Washington, D.C. as a part of her congressional campaign in the midst midst of legislative session last year.

So when she whines and snivels about the many efforts to hold our empty-suited cardboard cut out of a congressperson accountable... well, lies are aplenty.

It takes a complete, tin-eared moron not to realize that failing to hold open town hall meetings are a part of the job... but failing to hold such meetings while simultaneously soliciting bribes in the form of $2500 a pop campaign donations with The Speaker?

That takes a level of idiocy that really is hard to describe.

So, what does she do?

Instead of manning up, admitting she made a mistake in judgement and promising that it wouldn't happen again, the Potomac Princess has one of her staff write a letter to the editor,. no doubt at the behest of her keeper, the interfering Cathy McMorris Rogers... who lives in and represents the other side of the state.

Because McMorris, more often then not, HAS to be shaking her head at the rampant stupidity of the Frankensteinian Monster she created out of whole cloth.

What's the letter say? What does it matter? It's just more Bart Simpson BS.

What the Camas Manikin doesn't get is there is precisely zero excuse for failing to face her constituents... or even people who live outside the district, since her empty-headed votes also impact them.

But she lacks the guts... the commitment... the nerve to do that.

No, she wants her lackeys to carefully screen the great unwashed so she doesn't get her skirts stained with the "filth of the masses."

Once again, our simple idiot has proven that she'd be everything I knew she'd be... and less.

Hopefully, one day she'll grow up and, frankly, grow a pair. Because right now, she comes across as the spoiled rotten punk she's always been.

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