Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The kool-aid drinking Herrera supporter. Today: Anna Miller.

Anna Miller is the power in the Clark County GOP because she's proof of the adage that the world truly is run by those who show up.

It doesn't matter that she's not particularly competent in the realm of politics: her efforts as party chair resulting in, among other things, Keith Olbermann naming the Clark County GOP his "second worst person in the world"

What matters is that she's THERE.

Early on in Herrera's congressional campaign, Miller confronted me at Brent Boger's campaign announcement, claiming that my post pointing out the absurdity of Jaime's ability to munch her way through almost $500 in taxpayer money for food on a 3 day boondoggle trip as Cathy McMorris Roger's staffer was all wrong (never mind that I produced the actual document proving my assertions in the post) and I told her what I tell everyone that challenges what I write: provide the proof, and I'll post that I was wrong and show the proof to that effect.

I'm still waiting.

So far, Ridgefield Barbie has been everything I thought she'd be in Congress, and less.

Failing to hold town hall meetings... setting up carefully screened "coffees" with potential (and, no doubt, past) donors... brining in John Boehner and charging $2500 a head while refusing to get in front of the "little people?"

Voting to raise the debt ceiling a paltry $900 billion.

Back in the day, we were horrified to learn of the mass-suicide of hundreds in Guyana at the behest of Rev. Jim Jones, forever enshrining the phrase "kool aid drinker" as a description of those who'll follow anyone if they believe they're going to get something out of it.

Like Ana Miller. And today's case in point is this completely delusional effort from Miller ass a part of the GOP's earnest effort to rehab the image of the increasingly tarnished empty suit representing us in Congress:

It’s about time we had a U.S. representative who was in touch with the people of Clark County. We’ve suffered some of the worst unemployment in the country, and we’re hurting. Rather than go for a pay raise, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, proposed a bill to cut her own pay and pay for all U.S. representatives by 10 percent. I want to know the person I sent to Congress to solve our problems understands our problems — and Herrera Beutler has shown me she does. She ran for this office on the promise to cut spending, and I commend her for keeping her word and cutting where it counts.

Anna Miller


Of course, Miller neglected to mention she's a GOP hack who is the power behind the scenes, and while holding the position of party treasurer, puts out crap like this.

And my response?

Been drinking the kool aid, again, Anna?

Herrera has done nothing and accomplished nothing except to vote for Obama's debt ceiling increase.

The bill (what's the bill number again?) she tossed out there was typical of the cheap publicity stunts she's known for... that gets the more ignorant to really think she's doing something... when, of course, she isn't.

Is something keeping her from setting the example? You know, VOLUNTARILY send 10% of her pay back in?

"She ran for this office on the promise to cut spending, and I commend her for keeping her word and cutting where it counts."

And then she votes to give Obama $900 billion in increased spending with the debt ceiling fiasco.

Yup. She's a genuine peach.

She has cut nothing. And for people to wander around lying about her non-accomplishments... well, THAT'S worthy of a blog post, GOP or no.

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