Thursday, September 8, 2011

$2500 to spend time with Herrera? Spitzer got a better deal.

Readers of my blogs know I don't think highly of the coward we have sitting in a seat where courage and vision are not only needed, but an absolute necessity given the tenor of our times.

Locally, few outside the mayor of Vancouver and two of our county commissioners have "tinner" ears than Ridgefield Barbie. Lacking the guts to face her constituents, the only ones she'll talk to are hose on her donor list or otherwise screen by her mind-field-clearing staff to make sure her small amount of intellectual capacity isn't terribly overtaxed.


But the idea that a big check gets you face time with the cardboard cutout of a congresswoman while she ignores the unwashed (and unpaying) masses who were, well, foolish enough to vote for this political waste of skin shows an amount of tin in her aural canals that would put a family-size can of Campbell's tomato soup to shame in content.

Stupid is as stupid does. And the coward we have "representing" us in the House of Representatives proves that every day, in every way.

It's just a damned shame that we don't have someone in their more like Allen West and less like Elmer Fudd.

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