Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More proof of Ridgefield Barbie's cowardice, from the democratian: No town halls with Herrera Beutler.

From the "Great minds think alike" file:

No town halls with Herrera Beutler

Congresswoman’s staff inviting small groups to ‘coffees’ while she’s home

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has spoken at invitation-only meetings.
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has spoken at invitation-only meetings.

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has been back in her Southwest Washington district for most of the month of August, but the freshman Republican has scheduled no town hall meetings.
And some of her constituents are asking why.
“I’d love to talk to her about the debt limit,” said Jan Watson, a high school teacher in Rochester. “I’d like to have her listen to people. In a town hall, when somebody asks a question and the person responds, you can get a real good fact check by the groans. That gives a real indication that your comment isn’t quite right or isn’t reflecting the community.”
Watson said she encourages her students to attend politicians’ town hall meetings so they can experience democracy up close.
“The real underlying reason this congressional district has not seen public meetings is that the congresswoman is aware enough of the real world to understand that Congress, in general, is not held in high esteem,” said Tom Shofner of Kalama in an email. “If we add to that her allegiance to the far right, … she just doesn’t feel at home any more in this area, I think.”
Michele Molstead, a Vancouver writer, visited Herrera Beutler’s district office several times during the August break trying to find out whether she planned to hold a town hall, and if so, when and where.
“They kept saying, ‘Nothing has been scheduled yet, we haven’t firmed up any town halls yet,’ ” she said. “They told me the best place to get information about her events during recess was The Columbian.”
Molstead said she had hoped to ask Herrera Beutler what steps she is willing to take to raise revenue, encourage job creation and fund new infrastructure.
“I think it is possible to have civil discourse and to have a detailed, sound-bite-free conversation with my representative,” she said. “I think her constituents deserve that.”
Ryan Hart, manager of Herrera Beutler’s district office in Vancouver, said the congresswoman “has been trying something different this month, which is to hold community meetings at coffee shops around the district.”
Ryan, former Clark County GOP chair she bought early on in the primary with the illegal promise of a job, makes a lousy spokesman for such cowardice.

There can be only so many reasons why she's emulating the end game for our former cowardman, Brian Baird, who had a stellar record of accessibility up until his self-immolation at the end.

Apparently, the Camas Manikin not only couldn't find any reason to criticize Baird, she feels compelled to emulate his cowardice by refusing to confront her constituents unless they've been through the careful selection process her handlers require.

It's shameful that the GOP elected such a cowardly slimeball to represent us in Congress. As a Republican, I've concluded that even democrat Denny Heck would have been better. Electing a gutless pretty-girl who can't face a crowd? We truly do have the government we deserve.

At least Heck wouldn't have been terrified to meet his constituents, unlike this waste of skin.

And no, I was unaware of this article when I wrote the post below.

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