Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can I have that 60 seconds back, please? Herrera wasting our time and that of this country.

Look, I never expected anything from Ridgefield Barbie, but her first effort on the floor was such a massive waste that her keepers should have done SOMETHING to make it memorable.

I didn't subject myself to actually watching her speak; after all, the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard phase ended for me when I graduated from college.

But I read the vacuous babbling the rag so breathlessly (as one commenter put it... pant...pant...) told us first, that she was going to engage in and second, as if what she had to say made any difference or ever will make any difference.

Nothing new. Nothing of substance. Nothing accomplished. Kind of a state rep "light" imitation.

Is there some way I can get that 60 seconds back? Can the fed mail me a check? Maybe the state can cut my B&O tax, like they did the rag's?

Nah. That never happens to the little guy.

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