Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ridgefield Barbie's keeper forces a name change, decided before the election.

As yet another sign that Jaime Herrera is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dr. Frankenstein character who built her from spare parts around the office, an official, post-election (So the hispanic surname wouldn't get buried on the ballot or in the press releases) name change has taken place.

Jaime "Ridgefield Barbie" Herrera is now known as Jaime "The Camas Manikin" Herrera BUETLER (Or, "Butler," to aficionados) because her boss, Cathy McMorris Rogers, wanted it that way.

The press release, which is total fiction, spews this garbage:
Now that the dust from the campaign has settled, I’ve had the chance to thoughtfully consider and make a permanent choice regarding this personal decision about my family,” she said in her release.
Besides the fact that Herrera hasn't done a "thoughtful" thing in her government careered life, the fact of the matter is this:

The decision to do this was made BEFORE the election. The proof?

Herrera recycled all of her campaign signs starting November 3. She didn't keep any of them.

It had not one damned thing to do with "dust settling," or "thoughtful consideration."

CMR did it this way. CMR told Barbie to do it this way. Barbie hears and obeys. Which will ultimately be the story of her hopefully brief time in office.

Herrera, who's tenure to date has been marked by her cowardly failures to take any positions on ANYTHING, is at least to be congratulated for making a decision about SOMETHING, even as moronic as putting her name familiarity ahead of her familial duty, and convention, of becoming Jamie Beutler.

Course, there's nothing particularly hispanic about that. And being 1/2 hispanic for Herrera is much the same as John Kerry's Vietnam "service," such as it was.

Where people used to say, "Hey... did you know John Kerry served in Vietnam?" They'll now say, "Hey, did you know Jaime Herrera is hispanic?"

Like Herrera, the name thing is a joke. And, it serves as yet another example that when it comes to CMR, Mr. Lincoln didn't really free the slaves, and the 13th Amendment is, in reality, the 13th Suggestion.

By the way... did you know that Jamie Herrera is hispanic?

So, there you have it. Ridgefield Barbie starts her tenure off with yet another lie. But then, isn't that what we've grown to expect from her and her keepers?

Cross posted on Clark County Politics. And as a reminder... Herrera will always be Ridgefield Barbie to me.

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